Poetry/Short Stories




is strong and loud

Cold yet burns

deception at it’s best

turns cowards into heroes

the fearful into fearless.

It breaks the strongest 

to their knees

the bravest Into doubt

It breaks the thickest of blood ties

Friendships can’t survive it either!

It’s toxic 

It’s violent

It’s brutal

It’s hands free yet physical;

the worst of all weapons.


conceals pain





is like venom

Killing it’s host slowly

It’s like a kiss 

of a betrayer

It’s like dinning 

with an enemy

It’s an invisible knife

that cuts deeper than seen

It’s an invisible fire

that burns clean.

Silence just is!

Susan McMillan

18 thoughts on “Silence!

  1. I like it that silence has been interpreted in a different way. It has awed and inspired me, and I owe you for that. I also like your way of writing,strings of words leaving a novel impact.A pleasure to visit your blog!

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