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Joyful curls(little mama)


My little Michele Grace has beautiful hair; it’s between curly and wavy. It’s honestly perfect and I can rightly say the most beautiful hair I have ever seen (not to mention that this is my daughter). So yes I do have the mama bias going on here.

Despite how beautiful my baby’s hair is, the fact is it tangles up easily calling for Mama’s magic touch. In the glory of being so naive in hair department in general, I have had to learn a thing or two on how to solve this battle zone moment (hair fixing) is indeed a battle field with my munchkin but a memory building session for both of us.

So, my first approach has become to deploy the mighty hair needs; not wants but Needs!

  • Detangler
  • Shampoo and conditioner (Giovanni 50/50 balanced to be specific). Nothing else will do in our opinion; we have tried a bunch.
  • Wide tooth comb
  • Pure coconut oil(the best but also keeps us from using any chemicals in our precious hair)

So onto rules;

  1. Wash only once a week to keep it from getting dry and also tangling up like crazy.
  2. Brush while it’s still wet
  3. Brush from tips up
  4. Oil the scalp weekly
  5. Brush every night before bed time.
  6. Trim ends every 3 to 6 months (I don’t try to hold onto length. I want healthy hair for my munchkin).
  7. Water for my princess/munchkin. This rule applies to both adults and little munchkins for healthy hair.

Accessories (our little one loves this part)

  • Hair ribbons
  • Hair clips
  • Bobby pins
  • Puff holders
  • Bandanas

I am not the girl friend you usually would want to text for some hair advice kinda thing. Nope! But, in this case, I now have experience for almost 6 years (good forced experience to be exact). My options were to either learn to take care of it myself or break the bank paying someone else to do whatever they wanted with my munchkin’s hair. My answer Of course was “No thank you”…I will learn! And I have.

The most important rule is to enjoy those moments spent working with your baby’s hair remembering that our words can either build or break our children. It’s up to us to make these moments fun and worth remembering one day when they are grown.


29 thoughts on “Joyful curls(little mama)

  1. My hair dreads like crazy out here in the dry desert. I don’t really want to dread my hair intentionally, but I’ve had to hack huge pieces out of it that I just can’t get undreaded (is that even a word?) *laugh* I, too, have to limit washing, and put this oil stuff in my hair. And I can’t let it grow beyond a certain length (though that was kinda an issue even in Florida). I got this shampoo from Jason that seems to work okay. I got a different hairbrush too. Boy, I miss humidity!

    1. Thank you Dorissa 💝. You are absolutely right, I continue to learn daily with our children. I pray and hope that we will make memories worth keeping amidst everything.🌹

  2. It took me a while to get the knack of doing my daughter’s hair. Her aunts used a lot of baby oil and zillions of little barrettes and rubber bands. At another point she had two pony tails that expanded out as the day went by causing her to say she felt like Mickey Mouse! Once her dad had her hair straightened, but no one liked that. Another time the whole kindergarten had to be fumigated for creepy crawlies and she had to have a very short cut. Every biracial kid has different hair, I now realize, but it is all Good Hair!

    1. Thank you Miss Elizabeth 🙏. Yes it’s all good hair. Growing up, we had our heads shaved most of the time for school which made it harder for me to know tricks around any hair. My baby girl has been my biggest learning experience and I have totally enjoyed it.

  3. Don’t know if it’s useful or appropriate but my mother has a hair trick she uses: As soaps are what is known as chemically ‘base’ (as opposed to chemically ‘acidic’) you can neutralise the effect or build up on hair of a base from shampoo with an acid rinse after washing. This might sound extreme but by acid i mean things like citrus juice (citric acid), vinegar (acetic acid) or malic acid (found in apples and pears as well as vegetables). Just rinse your hair out after washing with a weak diluted solution of one of those to restore natural Ph balance. Many conditioners have these types of additives for just the same reason, not just because they smell nice 😉

    She has done this rinsing (with diluted brown vinegar) for most of her life and now has a head of dark brown healthy hair at age 85 and never uses hair dye. 😉


  4. I myself have a child with lots of hair, but, instead of your approach to it and the fact I am impatient and that my daughter fought and cried anyone would touch her hair, I decided at a early age to get her a relaxer…. For me it was the best choice and we went through a couple of hair dressers hefted we finally stuck with one… Now, she is 19 and I let her deal with it it, and she’s
    let it go natural for awhile now. You wrote this beautifully and wish I had looked at it like you did. I was a new
    mother and overwhelmed, so, anything
    to make it easier, I did lol….

    1. As parents, I believe we learn through our mistakes and we are still human beings bound to fail our children at times. I remind myself daily that my children are precious gifts from God and seeking out to love them is enjoying those gifts.

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