Poetry/Short Stories

moonlight dance


On my tiptoes

feet held high by yours

in your arms held tight

slowly surrendering to this dance

under the moonlight

making memories of u and me

making memories for our children

making memories to last

living in our moment

letting go of  our worries

reaching our hearts without a word

reading our minds with our eyes

smiling a little

shedding a few tears

dancing on…

Under the moonlight.

Susan McMillan

13 thoughts on “moonlight dance

  1. I can imagine this poem sung by a husky-voiced jazz singer, accompanied by a tenor sax…lovely words, stirring lovely memories!

    1. Thank you Penny. Some of my best memories are those spent in my husband’s arms dancing away. The tiptoes were after he stepped on my toes with his cowboy boots 😁. Hugs 🌹

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