Poetry/Short Stories

Mama’s shoes


They are big

real big!

I slowly place one foot after another

in mama’s shoes;


then two

wiggling my feet to fit .

Mama’s shoes are a challenge

they are shoes of







 finding joy

in every moment.

Mamas shoes are heavy

Mama’s feet were big

my feet are small

my feet wiggle alot 

in mama’s shoes

missing a few steps

here and there

yet I know

Mama’s shoes are worth trying on.

Susan McMillan

For mothers/mother figures out there that give us a lead worth following.

December 8, 2012 – Our little Chele trying on Mama’s shoes

33 thoughts on “Mama’s shoes

    1. Thank you Becca 🙏. I would love to read your poem. I enjoyed writing this one as a tribute to my late mama but also for the many beautiful women that have held my hand over the years. To my little girl, hoping she will grow to face life only trusting God’s grace as her lead.💝

    1. That’s very beautiful. It’s even better if they can wear your shoes somewhere. There’s something really special about trying on grandma’s shoes…. I think of it as special and comforting.🙏

    1. Thank you Jessica ❤. I am sure you already do. I know for a fact that as parents if seek to live lives honoring to the Lord then our shoes will definitely be worth walking in. Like our children learning to hide God’s word in their hearts when they see us do so when we read from our Bibles. 🌹

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