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I do!

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wedding-rings-1659848_1280That day!

That summer day when we finally said I do,

I was young

I was naive; clueless.

I didn’t understand love; its truth.

I didn’t understand love and the knots that bind it; how far it stretches,

I did not understand patience,

Compassion and kindness,

not being proud,



Not to be irritable nor resentful

I did not understand true love.

But since that day, when we said I do,

I continue to mature

I have matured so far,

I continue to understand love

Love for what the Bible says it is;

Love in our marriage,

The love that is kind



Forgiving, enduring….

I truly DO!!

By Susan McMillan.

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13 thoughts on “I do!

  1. I celebrated my 29th anniversary yesterday with my second husband. What day did you get married? We sure learn and grow in marriage. Thank goodness God is always the third partner.

    1. Our 9 this anniversary was June 7th. I have learned so in the past nine years. They have been years of sanctification for sure. Happy belated anniversary 💝

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