Poetry/Short Stories

Summer Sunset whispers


Held in our cups

of “sweet tea”

causing our heads to spin

saying words we may not recall.

Listening to

Uncle Joe tell silly jokes

daring aunt Jane to do her dance

a dance stuck in our hearts

like glue or old chewing gum

from Jimmy and Julie’s summer wedding


Oh summer sunset whispers of laughter and living

of Whispers from kids we carry

of kids growing and leaving

of granny holding papaw’s hand

of a family tree all in one spot

of time spent together

of life well lived

through the sunset whispers of Summer.

Susan McMillan

23 thoughts on “Summer Sunset whispers

      1. He says he is not good. He is an Engineer by profession; so he tends to limit his expertise to numbers and things in that line. I think he is amazing πŸ˜πŸ’

      2. Nice to think your spouse is amazing. My spouse is an amazing man also. Lucky us! πŸ™‚

  1. Hello Susan. I loved reading this poem. It seemed to read with pace and energy. It sounds like a lovely celebration ot time spent with family and freinds. I loved the part:
    β€˜ a dance stuck in our hearts, like glue or old chewing gum’ …gives me a great image n my head of a dance well known and loved.
    Take care Susan. i hope you have many more happy times like this.

    1. Dearest Carly, hugs my sister πŸ’. I am so happy you enjoyed this poem. It was written from a Happy place of my heart; sitting with friends that have become Family enjoying laughter as we watch the evening go by while listening to live music. Our community is beautiful and it’s felt like family reunion this summer so far.πŸ™

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