Poetry/Short Stories

Thy flesh


Thy Flesh – Youtube

It desires the perishable;



Silver and gold.

It desires to do wrong;



and Anger.

It does against the Holy book

whose words are hidden in this heart

It seeks empty riches

knowing they are dust

It burns for “sweet revenge”

yet my Lord says revenge belongs to Him.

Fail me not thy Flesh

for thy soul knows the anchor.

P.S. I wanted to try reading out loud this piece

3 thoughts on “Thy flesh

  1. I must say I get a much stronger sense of this poetry hearing you perform it. I think you have a sense of pacing that doesn’t always come through on the page as well as in performance. Great to hear your voice, too.

    1. Thank-you very much Elizabeth 🙏. It’s encouraging to hear. English being my second language and having a stronger accent of my mother language, I constantly have “say it again”?. Being able to speak comfortably to people and delivering my massage is one of my biggest weaknesses. I thank you very much Miss Elizabeth for your kindness 🙏.

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