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Cancer journey; hospital nurses


There I was feeling stuck in that moment of pain and despair. Every part of me physically hurt and I knew I was truly dying. That was 2011, I can  joyfully say that I made it through and I thank God yet again for the many people He used in my life.

I spent months in and out of hospitals. To be exact I was transferred to 3 different hospitals because my situation was too fragile for some doctors to attempt their skill. Despite the fact that this became a burden on us as a family, on the bright side we got to meet several amazing nurses. These nurses were indeed my Sunshine in those dark days;

  • Lactation nurses; yes you read that right. As I have previously mentioned that my cancer was found a few days after having our little girl, this meant my body was at the peak of everything womanly in that department. Being bedridden and consequently separated from my precious baby, I couldn’t breastfeed her so I was assigned lactation nurses that pumped my milk for about 2 weeks to be saved for my little one before my body started get hit with different kinds of medication. These were not just women or nurses to me. They became friends, mothers, my prayer warriors and yes they were my cry mates too; we indeed spent time crying for my little one that should have been happily breastfeeding in my warm arms but couldn’t.
  • Night nurses; my groom and I did set camp at hospitals. It was home for a while and we would spend many nights chatting through my discomforts. My belly was literally like a balloon from fluid buildup due to a not so well functioning liver thus needing constant draining. Through the night, we had nurses come into our room to do that. These nurses did way more than that, they would stay for a while to give us a good laugh for the night and assured us that all would get better; words we badly needed to hear again and again.
  • Sister nurse; This nurse had been one of many nurses that constantly came to help me in many times but this one time she came to give me two special books. They were two Mickey Mouse journals and I remember her asking me to write my heart to my children. I knew what my heart felt for my babies in that moment but hadn’t thought of writing anything down. I did and I thank this special nurse for that.
  • Nurses that dressed my wound; I now know that one can never know how humbling it is to be on the receiving end of someone willing to touch the dirty part of you. To clean you up without holding back. I would lay there and watch these nurses clean up my surgical wound with so much compassion. They cared about me, they loved me, they felt for me, they were kind to me and I watched them do above and beyond their job to help me. I did not feel alone, I did not feel filthy and yet again, by these nurses I was assured that all would be well and I thank them for that.
  • Ones that cleaned my hospital room; many times we go to hospitals and fail to appreciate the people that clean up after us. My experience during my hospital stay especially on a cancer only floor, I quickly realized how much patience and compassion the cleaning folks had. Imagine cleaning up after me?… Bed pans, bed accidents, blood stained sheets, vomit and more. How can these beautiful people stay so focused and lovingly do this job day after day? One lady would even visit me every day just to pray for a few minutes with me during her work hours. They are unsung heroes to me and I am forever grateful.


“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Maya Angelou

P.S. To all nurses out there whose labors are more than a job, I thank you for your heart, compassion, grace and mercy that personally lifted me up in those dark days. Thank you again and again.

40 thoughts on “Cancer journey; hospital nurses

  1. There is so much goodness in people. How wonderful that you continue to express gratitude for the kindness and compassion shown to you, even after seven years.

  2. I needed to read this today. I am a part-time nurses aid, a job that I have loved, because I am welcomed to do all those items you mentioned in your post. But it also wears on you emotionally as well as physically. I have given notice at my job, with regret, but I need a time to rebuild. It was so very refreshing to hear that the patient is thankful for the help, because we don’t always hear that.

    1. I love you Miss Deborah and I thank you for the job you do. Having been on the receiving end, I got to feel hearts that truly give through nurses. Your work is not in vein. I know it is not just a physical job but also emotional as you find yourself walking with the patients through hard seasons of their lives. You are forever appreciated.💝

  3. Wow just loved reading this dear… all my prayers goes to the nurses tonight 🙏🏼❤️

  4. I love that you are sharing your cancer experience, even the nitty gritty stuff! My oncology nurses were/and still are amazing. They were the reason I was able to walk in those doors each week–knowing they would be there to encourage me and care for me with great patience and compassion.
    Love you guys!

    1. Thank you Debbie 🙏. I didn’t know that we honored nurses in May in the USA. This will become​ our family tradition from now on. We have many people that serve us and I believe it’s​ a beautiful thing to appreciate them.💞. God bless all the nurses out there indeed.

      1. We have lots of nurses in our family so I was aware of it….but kind of like Secretary Day and Bosses Day….not super popular!

  5. A big thank you to all ambulance drivers, paramedics, doctors and nurses. My late husband was a hospital consultant who came to medicine as a young engineer via an emergency ambulance journey that preceded two years of surgery following a crash caused by a drunk driver. They are all unsung heroes and deserve our respect and our prayers.

    1. Most definitely ambulance drivers, paramedics, doctors and nurses indeed deserve our prayers and respect. Thank you for sharing about your late husband 🙏. Many hugs today 🌹

  6. Nurses really are amazing. When I was pregnant with Baby Girl — a pregnancy that was very difficult with lots of scares — one nurse at the clinic would make sure she was handling my NSTs and keep a check on me. It meant a lot to me.

  7. So glad to read your grateful notes to nurses. My daughter is a hospital nurse and she spent some time on the oncology floor. It is hard work, but some nurses really care well for their patients. Thank you for saying so.

    1. Nurses do beyond their jobs and I am grateful for that. My oncology nurses have always been wonderful. Many thanks to your daughter for the work she does 🙏🌹

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