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Father’s day 2017


I wish I could just give the side eye to Father’s day since I believe mothers are it but I won’t and can never. I have been blessed with the opportunity to watch great Father figures in my life starting with my own dad. Like any other human being, my dad is not perfect but yet I can say as a little girl, he loved me as best as he knew how and still does and I thank him for that.

My father-in-law; Simple man of few words but yet full of wisdom. Never doubted the fact that I became a daughter to him after I was married to his son.

My husband; Best daddy on the planet hands down y’all. This man practically did all the night time feedings after our babies were born; in a way(our story is that I would nurse our babies half asleep but had this guy alert to make sure the baby was safely fed, burped and put back to sleep). If the baby kept crying in the middle of the night, my beloved took over without hesitation.

Loves our children unconditionally; It’s a wonderful feeling that brings me so much joy and peace.

This man of mine is one worth imitating without a doubt. He leads by example which comes with a level of patience I still do not understand.

My husband is very present with our children in every way they need and I thank him for that.

Happy father’s day to my beloved husband and all the fathers out there. Thank you for being amazing fathers.

Fathers Days Gifts that will last

  1. Yeti Ice Chest – Perfect for the fishing trips, camping, road trips or day at the range.
  2. Benchmade Knife – My husband has carried a pocket knife from the day he was born so he says. I good knife can’t be beat. (From this Eagle Scout of mine)
  3. Tactical Pen – Hubby says this is a must. Something about an EDC???
  4. Olight Flashlight – Not sure why but my husband likes things like this.
  5. Yeti 20oz Coffee cup – My husband has one and loves it. (Closing Yeti Lid)
  6. Ruta Maya Organic Coffee – We have been drinking this coffee for the last 3 years and are completely addicted this stuff. (We buy ours at Costco for half the price)
  7. Phone Charger – We have one of these little guys and it is so nice to charge the phone when you’re out and about.
  8. 48 Days – My husband read through this years ago and it helped with a job transition.
  9. No More Dreaded Mondays – This is a great book for the entrepreneur
  10. Reformation Study Bible (ESV) – A good study bible is a must for everyone to help with understanding Gods Word.





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