Poetry/Short Stories

My heart hurts


My heart hurts

for a baby bearing a cold world

without a mother to keep them warm.

Water instead of milk 

little baby feeds

a simple need for every child

a privilege it becomes

as hunger strikes hard.

Bare bones

becomes the sketch

of a baby 

we hope will grow.

Susan McMillan

13 thoughts on “My heart hurts

  1. I wish we could find some way of changing things in the world. There’s no need for people to starve or die from water-borne diseases. It just takes money and political will. I wish governments would spend more on babies, and less on soldiers.

  2. I nursed my daughter for many years. Since then, well, 20 years later, when I see starvation and suffering, I will go to sleep and dream that I am able to nurse all of them and have enough milk to supply the world. Yeah, I know this is a crazy thing to write on someone’s blog as a comment! And yet I put it out there. I think once you feed a child with your own milk that your body made, then you know that nurturing feeling and it just never goes away. At least for me it didn’t. Seeing a starving child is one of the most upsetting images and knowledge I can imagine

    1. Bethany, thank you. This is beautiful and you are absolutely right. I believe that being a mother extends beyond our own. As I watch my little ones with their basic needs met I can’t help but still hurt for the little ones that are not able to have a “simple need” like milk in their early stages of life which at times may be fatal. Hugs 💝

  3. …mine is, for all the animals in shelter, and species losing their habitat out in the wild…

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