Loving my groom; 9 year wedding anniversary (06-07-08)

By: Michele Grace (6yrs old)

Cliché as it may sound, time indeed does fly by. It seems like I was a brand new bride yesterday.  I remember being in my groom’s arms as he led me to our little house on a mountain top in west Texas (McDonald Observatory).

It’s been a couple of years now and I guess we don’t count for newly Weds any more. Being married to this man of mine has been the best time of my life; I have been loved, cared for, encouraged, assured, protected, defended and the list goes on. If I didn’t realize that we are all sinners, I would say my husband is perfection at its best. He is just a good man.

9 years ago in my grandma’s yard, with hundreds as witnesses, we took our vows, we made promises to honor God through our marriage bond and I am thankful that He has been faithful to walk us through many seasons of life in this short time. We have literally lived through sickness and health, poverty and learning to save a dollar, losses from both sides of the family, extended family fall outs and more. But God is faithful.

Amidst everything, I know that I have learned so much about myself and life;

Trusting God is all I need; I know that God is faithful and whatever He allows in my life is for the good because He is my heavenly father.

Staying and perhaps clinging to the truth from scripture and daily praying for our marriage is all the Marriage advice we need. I strongly believe that there can never be any better Marriage advice beyond the truth written in scripture. Prayer, prayer, prayer.

Our wedding vows meant something bigger than ourselves or the love feelings we felt in that moment; if anyone has been married for a while, we can agree that as years go by we at times must practically live out every sentence from our wedding vows (I mean the traditional vows). I know that my beloved groom and I have lived through all those seasons; it was hard but God remained faithful and walked us through.

Verbally reminding one another that we are loved is very important and should not be over looked or rather taken for granted. My groom is way better at this than I am and I thank him for that.

True love is real; After 9 years, I can still say that I am completely in love with this man of mine. I still miss him when he is off for work and we both most definitely can’t sleep without being in each other’s arms.

Respecting my spouse is saying out loud that I love my groom and the reverse is very true.

Marriage made us one; everything we do, is for the good of our family and not about winning at all.

Racial differences don’t mean anything in a marriage that has been ordained by God.

Children are a blessing in any marriage and should not be a rock wall to end intimacy in a marriage.

Being patient with my spouse is another way of letting him know that I care. I would assume this would apply in other relationships too such as parent/child, friendships, teacher/student and the list could go on. Knowing that I feel loved when my husband has been patient with me through some of my not so good days, I have sought to do the same as an act of love.

Marriage is a continuous dance of tango; there’s honestly no specific goal but to continue to totally love one another and daily putting my spouse’s needs before mine as he does the same. How this dance looks like, that’s entirely up to the dancers.

Marriage is very beautiful and yes we are able to enjoy one another as seasons go by; yes, there may be hard days but hand in hand trusting God’s Sovereign grace we are able to keep an amazing communion until God calls us home.


44 thoughts on “Loving my groom; 9 year wedding anniversary (06-07-08)

  1. Yes to all of that! Daphne and I have been married for forty-two years, and you’ve described nearly everything that has helped to make them fulfilling.

  2. What beautiful words of advice. Thanks for sharing! I’m looking forward to reading more of your writing- and seeing more of your kids’ amazing artwork! Congratulations on your anniversary.

  3. Congratulations! It’s so wonderful to see there are plenty of people who still love and respect their spouse Biblically in this broken world, and love them unconditionally the way Christ loves us.

    1. Thank you very much 🙏. It is a broken world indeed. We all are broken if we take Christ out of the equation. Only through Christ are we able to love one another casting our pride to the side.

    1. Thank you very much 🙏. Marriage is beautiful and remembering to trust in the Lord through all the seasons that will follow. He is Faithful and sovereign to keep you and your beloved in perfect harmony 🌹.

  4. I’m chiming in a bit late here, but Happy Anniversary! You are now even closer to that goal of 10 wonderful years! I love that you stated the ‘traditional wedding vows’ in your post. I have heard some beautifully written vows, but they just are not the same for me. And did you really live on top of that mountain? How exciting!

    1. Thank-you dearest Deborah 🙏. Yes we lived on top of that mountain the first 3 years of our marriage 😁 and my groom took that specific photo. It’s very beautiful out there. My groom worked for the University of UT Austin and that is one of their research facilities where all the astronomy is at in a small town called Fortdavis. It’s a place worth visiting if you ever have a chance; they have yours but also do star parties during the night. Despite its beauty, the science of it all became too clear over what we believe. Thus moving on. We still call it home though because we still have friends there and we hope to retire in that small town someday God willing.

  5. Very nice post. I have been married for 34 years now and I will admit it has not always been a smooth path but my goodness it has been worth it. It is wonderful to arrive in our late 60s and have brought up a family and still be very much on the same page about life and what we love to do and what really matters.

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