Poetry/Short Stories

Bottled tears


Fancy pain I call it;

assembled with might

to not break even if it hurts.

Bruised petal it is;

still standing 

as it dies.

Broken wings;

of a bird 

that still tries to fly.

Steady stream;

of a rolling River

about to burst

through rocks.

A crack;

in a glass

about to shatter

at the slightest touch.

A smile;

of a crying being

that knows to pose.

Susan McMillan

11 thoughts on “Bottled tears

  1. Wow! My parents, brother and first grandchild walked into heaven, individually, within a 33 month period – Four amazing people who blessed my world and left many happy memories until we say “hello” again. Your words described my grief during that time of saying earthly goodbyes. Just amazing!

    1. I am so sorry for your losses dearest Dorissa. It’s been many seasons since the passing of my mother and I must say I used to have my tears bottled up. I have allowed myself to let them out and find comfort in the one who understands my whys; Christ. Hugs💝

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