Our Life · Poetry/Short Stories




takes us places

leaving marks

here and there

Just like time

bearing lessons

we must learn


foolishness to wisdom

fear to courage

head down to head up

talking to listening

hasting to slowing down.

In due seasons,

Age they say teaches us more

beyond the appearance


a virtue we hardly understand

at a young age

To live;

Something we rush through

in our mid age


for the years that have wiped

out many of our age.

“Let me age”

I say

So I can be like 

the ones that have aged

taking my time

to unwrap each day as it comes

Passing on what this age

has taught me

one lesson at a time

to the young age.

19 thoughts on “Age

  1. Your words reflect the thoughts of my heart, and probably many others – how to live a life of getting to the season of appreciating all the blessings we may not have even noticed at their moment of happening. Growing in God’s grace, and realizing it, is one of our Father’s many blessings as we age. Thank you!

    1. “Growing in God’s grace, and realizing it” is definitely one of the best part about Aging. Learning to see His Grace instead of complaining about the little things that don’t go our way.🙏

    1. Next month I will be 32 and I must say, I notice a difference in the way I look at things. Credit goes to many mentor older and wiser women whose lead I continue to follow. When an older person speaks, I always know that I must listen and learn.

    1. Thank you very much 🌹. I look at Aging as beauty; seasons of life curved in our skin and hearts. I pray that as years go by, my mind will grow along with my body. I admire older folks; they are definitely wiser in my experience.

  2. It took 59.8 years of working on MY agenda…and failing every step of the way…then losing it all…before I realized what it is you relate here. Now, I’m putting it in ‘granny gear’ because I am where I was always meant to be and every day is another 24 hours to share what I have learned with others. Thank you, dear. Bless you and your family

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