Poetry/Short Stories

Texas stole her heart


Thinking she would whizz

her way through Texas

like a hurricane hitting hard

Charming any cowboy she wished

leaving them cowboys wishing

Two stepping  through Amarillo

Down to Dallas for the bull ride

Finding a bull that caught her eye

Lady Jane

Realized she couldn’t make it to Austin


Her hand she had given away

To the bull man

The cowboy

From Texas

17 teen years now

Texas still has her hand

And heart.

Susan McMillan

13 thoughts on “Texas stole her heart

  1. A California Girl became a Transplanted Texan. My family roots seem to be in Texas. A California Girl I am once again, yet indeed, Texas has a piece of my heart.

    1. Thank you Kathy 💝. It’s an honor to know that somehow through my journey in writing I bring you Joy. I am deeply humbled and I thank you again and again.🙏

    1. Hahahaha. Yes this cowboy stalked me all the way from New Mexico while I was attending New Mexico State and then dragged to Texas as soon as He could. I was living at his uncle’s house at a time. Talked me into an iceream cone and the rest is history 😁

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