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“Submission has nothing to do with equality. Men and women are equal, but we have been assigned different roles. Neither role is superior. The Trinity models this concept. The Persons in the Godhead are equal in power and in substance, but each as a different function. Submission is a position we willingly assume in obedience to Jesus and after His pattern. Submission is an attitude of humility. Submission is being concerned about the interests of another rather than looking after our own interests. The world tells women that submission is foolish and renders us powerless. Scripture tells us that submission gives access to the power and protection of God.”

Spiritual Mothering

Susan Hunt

25 thoughts on “Brewed Thoughts – Susan Hunt

  1. Humility and humbleness should be the hallmark of all our lives. We no longer have a true identity. We are a Uni-race. We need differences in our lives.

  2. How i love that sentiment and how true it is and how sad that so few today seem capable of fully understanding it or living it in their lives. Equality with diversity is Divine and so few humans aspire to it, seeing equality meaning ‘exactly the same as’. Treating someone as an equal is not the same thing as that person being the same as you, nor should it be. As the French saying goes: Vive la Difference!

    Thanks for posting this 🙂


  3. Just had a brief thought: man and woman are like our legs that hold up our body and allow the body to walk, run and dance. At first glance they look very much alike – equal – until you come to put your right foot into your left shoe…

    You might lead with either your left or your right, but if the other one is not equal and different in some ways you are not going to move very smoothly. Favouring one over the other is not a good idea. You will lose the balance you need. 🙂


  4. I’m sorry. I disagree with this (almost) totally. It has no basis in fact. When society forced women into the submissive role – which in the UK is within the memory of my lifetime – it caused enormous frustration. In countries like India, where women are still coerced into the submissive role, it is still damaging lives. From everything I’ve seen, women can do anything that men can do, and do it well. This doctrine of being submissive to your husband is false, and used by men to retain power over us. It has no place in the twenty-first century.

    1. I love you Penny and I thank you for your response. I totally respect what you have to say. I was born and raised in Uganda East Africa and I saw first hand what it means for men to mistreat women. I saw and lived what it means for a girl child to be treated less compared to a boy, I saw and lived what it means for a girl/woman to be blamed after a rape. It hurt and cut deep but I do what scripture calls me to do. Submission doesn’t call for mistreatment of women but rather loving them. Submission doesn’t mean we can not attain an education; I have attained one. It’s not what society say I go by. I choose to do what the Bible calls me to do. If I had to do things the way society says, I really don’t know what I would have had to do for one who raped me at the age of 3 and on and did the exact same to me little sister?. So no my friend Peggy, I forgive because scripture tells me to do so and I submit because she scripture tells me to. I can not and will not do what society has to say but do love and respect those that think otherwise.💝 Thank you again Peggy.

      1. Thank you for your loving reply, sister. I wholly honour that you choose to submit in accordance with what you sincerely believe to be a scriptural command.
        I apologise for the disrespect I showed in my comment; it was thoughtless on my part.
        My understanding of scripture is very different from yours – yes, I too try to live by God’s commands – but your blog, and your post were not the place for me to start a debate, and I’m sorry.

      2. Peggy, I love you and still would if you didn’t believe what I believe. I totally respect you, your thoughts and what you believe. I look up to many women for guidance and have had to for my entire life; on this blog, you have become one of those women. I take other opinion with love and respect. Most definitely I am always open to be corrected. I have no doubt at all that you are a beautiful woman inside and out. Many hugs💝

  5. While I appreciated your post, I was most moved by the healing interchange between you and Peggy in the comments. How I wish we could all work through disagreements and misunderstandings with such love. Thanks Susan and Peggy for this model of Christian loving disagreement. Yesterday our priest said that people are calling lack of respect sincerity. Here you demonstrate what real sincerity looks like, full of respect for one another.

    1. Thank-you Elizabeth for your kind words. I absolutely love and respect Peggy. I admire her ability to speak her heart to me; I think of it as a way of loving me. I absolutely love friends that speak up, rebuke me when I need and correct me. Just like Peggy, Elizabeth I am very thankful for women that love me enough to not hold back. I need that as a young woman and a young Christian.💞

  6. Wow, I totally agree with Elizabeth! What an example of sharing God’s love by being kind and thoughtful to one another, even when opinions differ. This post is awesome and I’m glad I found it! Watch for blessings – they’re all around us, right?!

  7. And I love and respect you, Susan. I knew you were a special person from the first time I visited your blog. You’re strong and faithful, and your ability to love and forgive is wonderful. I thank God that He has led me to you.
    Penny xx

  8. I love the whole concept of submission. I used to hate it, but I had an epiphany this past year and came to a lot of realizations about it. Now I make an effort to submit to my husband and it brings me joy. I was searching for blogs about submission and yours was almost the only one to come up on this topic. Submission is almost the last taboo left in an otherwise free for all culture. So many people are shocked when someone says they choose to be submissive to their husband. Some people say it is taking women back 100 years. I say if practiced right it could bring women immeasurable joy and fulfillment. Women have had decades of feminism now and they are statistically the most unhappy they have been in generation. I think a lot of the dissatisfaction comes down to not acknowledging the separate roles of men and women.

    1. Thank you Lisa. I love you my sister.Submission has definitely become a complicated subject to talk about in our society today. I personally choose to look to what scripture has to say. Like I have already said in some articles, Husbands are to Love their wives as Christ has loved the church giving himself up for her and wives are to submit to their husbands as to the Lord. Ephesians 5:22-23. Hugs my dearest 🌹

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