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Treasuring our pearls

Rhythm In Life

Pearls are beautiful and graceful and I compare them to a child’s heart. Though sinful by nature, it can easily be nurtured, though not sure about how it feels, it can be filled with love, compassion, forgiveness and understanding and in return grow to give those traits back.


I know, as parents we may think that we can only compare our terrorizing little ones to pearls in their sleep. You know when they are knocked out in slumber land, all adorable without a word. It’s beautiful right? …..but my point here is about nurturing or rather reaching the core of that undefiled little heart.

Like every other night, we go to check on our babies, it’s beautiful, they are sleeping so peacefully and we know we wouldn’t ask for more.

Being parents, our hearts often wonder around about providing only the best for our little ones as we raise them…

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