Poetry/Short Stories



When summer comes around

I wanna be

Be present in the moment

Of the sun

I wanna pick out my yellow dress

For a dance with my darling

I wanna dare to dream for days

Drawing out pictures in the sand

Under the sun

For days I wanna  gaze

At flowers and nothing else

For hours I wanna sip on sweet tea

Sweetened with honey from my honey bees

In summer

I know then I will see my neighbor

I will hear laughter from children

I haven’t heard all year

I will share my pie

That I have practiced making for months


This summer

I wanna dream beyond my wildest

I wanna dance to the tunes of my heart

I wanna dance with my darling


I will laugh my loudest

I wanna be

I wanna live 

I wanna laugh

While I can.

Susan McMillan

28 thoughts on “Summer

  1. I like the mention of sounds. Once we open our windows we hear the neighborhood children on their way to the local swimming pool to enjoy themselves.

    1. Ohhhhh. Windows open!. We are doing that right now. I also love waking up to the sound of birds. Children; I love the beauty sound of children playing in the neighborhood.💞

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