Poetry/Short Stories


anemone-652539_1920We meet,

once again

your eyes “meet” my hair first

I offer a hug


I am that gal

But then…

you close in

only to touch my hair

yet again!

you feel it

you ask a million questions

I repeat what I said the other day

My hair just like yours has a texture

only different

I let you feed your curiosity once again

like I am a picture at your disposal


Ma friend

Ma sista

This crown of tight curls is my hair

just like your hair.

Susan McMillan

5 thoughts on “hair.

  1. Amusingly enough I was once with my daughter in a black beauty shop and the ladies wanted to feel my very fine, very thin hair. It was funny to be on the other side of that interaction.

    1. I have found it really interesting how much people are curious about hair. But , most of the time it’s my close friends that still insist on touching my hair. Perhaps it’s because they know it bothers me. I love them still though.

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