Poetry/Short Stories

Dear Mona Lisa,


I often wonder
How you could wear a smile so graceful
Without a “care” in the world
How you could strike a pose so beautiful
Without holding back
I have wondered if I could…
Only for a second take your seat
Pose that pose and Smile that smile?

I know that I couldn’t
I wouldn’t be able to
I couldn’t have your kind of courage
I couldn’t wear your kind of smile
I couldn’t lighten up a room
I couldn’t smile so effortlessly
making history for decades.

Dear Mona Lisa,
I wish I knew….
Just wish I knew what you knew
That caused you
To just be 
In that moment
That we all still gaze at?

Susan McMillan

Lisa del Giocondo

24 thoughts on “Dear Mona Lisa,

  1. It’s an astonishing painting. Have you ever seen it in the Louvre? We’re so familiar with reproductions and yet the original still has the power to shock. It moved me to tears when I saw it.

    1. It is absolutely beautiful from all the pictures I have seen. I have always been curious about pictures. Mostly posed portraits. Wondering what truly is behind a smile or that moment. Mona Lisa’ s piece is one that has me wondering of her character. I have tried to read about her but yet that pose remains unexplained to me. No I have never seen the actual painting but God willing, I would love to someday. Hugs❤

  2. Good things come in small packages! – We have her on our fireplace wall 🙂

    ( The one in the Louvre is just a copy! 😉 )


  3. Mona Lisa certainly captures our imaginations, however; I balk at the suggestion that your own smile wouldn’t light up a room – it may not be immortalized, but I’m certain it is just as engaging.

  4. I second V.J., dearest Susan! Your smile IS immortalized in our hearts, and your soul’s radiance is healing for us all. Gentle hug and loving prayers always for you and your family 💜🙏 Leon

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