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Physical health…

I know I have talked about things we have done to make sure the monstrous enemy called “cancer” in my case wouldn’t come back. However, by eating healthy, we are getting healthy in general and preventing more sicknesses other than cancer.

Along with health through what we consume, there’s also physical health which is very important in its own right. This can be as easy or complicated as you would want it; some people prefer taking walks (that would be me) while others would rather hit the gym for the treadmill. Whichever one you prefer is fine as long as it is effective for your  physical health. However, one may be comfortable trying out other ways to exercise;

  • Regular biking vs an exercise bike in the comfort of your own house. Our family has chosen the regular biking; mostly my husband and munchkins. My excuse here being the fact that I crashed my husband’s mountain bike while I was pregnant with our oldest. Big scare and lesson well taken for this gal.
  • Gym stretches vs regular stretching in my own bedroom. Don’t know where y’all fall but I definitely prefer stretching in the comfort of my own home.
  • Swimming; We try to do this as much as possible but it’s very convenient in the hot Texas summers.
  • Hula hooping; I can’t say how easy and fun this one is. It’s by far my favorite way of getting my cardio and also toning my stomach area. I am like a kid when I start hula hooping; I can guarantee 30 minutes nonstop. So go ahead and give it a try. It’s something that you can do with your little ones as well.
  • Jump roping; another easy, quick and fun way to exercise. All you need is a jump rope and yourself.
  • The core training ball; super easy way to work your muscles while at your desk. My husband has engineering coworkers who sit on these are their desks everyday. It sounds like a good idea if your stuck at a computer desk most of the time.
  • Run/jog; its spring and the weather is great! Just get on your running shoes and make rounds through your entire neighborhood. No need to go to the gym for this.
  • Pilates; you can pay for proper classes but can be done in the comfort of your own home. Perfect stretches I must say. I do these in my living room with my little girl mimicking.
  • Yoga; I for one have never done yoga but would consider it if I had the time and a fun friend to tag along.
  • Jazzercise; I have tried it a couple of times even though I do not have a membership to a specific class yet. I must say that I was at one time challenged by an 86 year old beautiful lady; her dance moves were a killer and I must say her level of energy was way beyond mine (shame on me then). In fact I want to be like her when I am 86. Over all, the music was the best part for me but yet guaranteed to have an all body workout.
  • Dance; May not sound like an insane kind of exercise but hey, if it gets your blood flowing just right, who cares? Go ahead and rock.


In my opinion, exercising should be a life style and not for temporary goals. Make it fun, and make it fit your needs.

God bless

8 thoughts on “Physical health…

  1. These are great ideas. I’m stuggling to make it part of my lifestyle but I know I need to. I always feel better when I’m exercising regularly. Thanks sis! ❤

    1. Hula hooping is fun and it gets the job done. Thank you sis. Sometimes I am not motivated enough to freely want to exercise but then I get feeling weak from not being active. A feeling I don’t like.

    1. 😂😂😂😂. My lessons were from childhood using a bicycle reem. Used to be my only way of having real fun. It’s easy to learn though 😂😂💝

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