Poetry/Short Stories

Family photograph!


“You gotta pose”

They would demand

“Smile big”

“Say cheers”

Imitating the sunlight;

To camouflage the dark cloud

That covered the “family”

That family photograph

I so resented!

Flawless we appeared;

Filthy we were indeed

Fearless I posed;

Fearful I was living

Innocent our smiles made us;

The innocence I never knew

That pose

That photo

That family photograph

That never told the story of “my family” then!

Susan McMillan

19 thoughts on “Family photograph!

    1. I enjoy my family photographs now that I have my own family. With a smile that comes from the heart.I hope and pray that my husband and I will love our children deep enough for them to keep that smile from the heart. Beyond a pose, I desire to know hearts. Thank you Elizabeth 🌹

      1. We actually had a three generation family shoot with my daughter and grandchildren recently. Those I cherish since they are genuine.

      2. That must have felt soothing to your heart. I enjoy a genuine photograph. Three generations captured in a moment is a beautiful story.💞

  1. It may well be that a million such photos were the inspiration for the saying: Appearances can be deceptive! 😉

    Thankfully, not so much in my family’s case!

    You are blessed if not at all in your case 🙂


    1. You are absolutely right. In this specific piece I was inspired by my childhood but I have observed similar situations over the years. With my husband and children, I can smile from the heart. I get to see our babies begging to have a family photo shoot; something I would have never done as a child. I dreaded putting on a posed smile. Thank you again my friend. Have a blessed day.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing such awesome words with us…
    they are so true and unfortunately excatly reflecting our Family lifes….

  3. What a shame that we have to pose for a happy picture…. but would a Christmas greeting be the same if we sent a true picture of the real family?

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