Poetry/Short Stories

A mother


To be a mother

Is to experience joy;

At least for me

It is loving;


It is putting others before myself

It is saying an honest prayer;

Desiring to be answered

It is crying;

Not just for me

It is laughing from the heart;

With moments I hope to keep

It is a beautiful heart ache;

If I may call it that

It’s a certain exhaustion;

That leaves me proud

It is a badge of honor;

I will parade for life

It is being me

A woman

With my head held high!

Susan McMillan

(For my children. Thank you for making me a mother)

37 thoughts on “A mother

  1. Because your kids are little, I am remembering the fun I had when my daughter was that age. She did get tired, though, of explaining that she wasn’t adopted. Do your kids ever get questioned when out with their dad?

    1. We have had encounters with little things here and there but we have chosen to let them bother us. The biggest issues were at a “private” homeschooling school program that they were going to 2 days a week. Their first real experience with dealing with being different. It hurt us alot as parents but again, we know that we can not control how people feel about us. Our little girl seems to be curious about her hair; something we are slowly talking to her about. They know that they are a swirl of mommy and daddy (we call it Rosy/chocolate). Happy mother’s day Elizabeth. Thank-you again for your kind and encouraging words every time you stop by.🌹

      1. Now that my daughter is an adult, people really can’t seem to conceive that I am her mother. We can be standing next to each other at a store, and they will ask,”are you together?” It gets old. I still wouldn’t change a thing about our life. She has brought me unending joy and much understanding about the world.

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