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Mama to mama

A letter to mamas.

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Dear new mama or mama to be,

I think of you as my sister and friend….after all, as mamas we are in this together. At least I hope. We need each other’s encouragement in this crazy world. From my own experience I will encourage you; Almost 8 years ago, I became a new mama;I panicked, I read books… tons of them on what to expect, what to do…I needed advice from anyone in any form or shape I could get it…Even though perhaps some of the writers didn’t even have experience in this department of life.

I got depressed especially about my new body changes ranging from weight gain to stretch marks!!!!……Even though I was smitten by our new baby, I sure wouldn’t stop thinking about my body.

Since then though, and two babies in, I have learned a lot. Things I wish I had known back then and with…

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8 thoughts on “Mama to mama

  1. What an awesome post. I agree with you hundred percent. The point about isolating ourselves is well made, we do it all the time. Thanks for reminding!

  2. Gosh! I relate to those words! I can recall the whole experience. Even the picture you put there speaks volumes to my heart because I used hand-washing for my baby clothes and it was a dread! I had to be on my toes like the whole day! thanks to my boyfriend and father of the child for trying to be there whenever he could. thank you for such a wonderful post. ❤

    1. Hugs my dear. Mamas go through so much in the process of motherhood. It’s like a combo of everything. Hand washing a baby’s clothes must be harder. I did that when I was growing up with 6 little siblings. It was so much work. Much love my dearest💝

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