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Cancer; healthy gut


After my own journey with cancer or liver cancer to be exact, I have sought to stay as healthy as I can and the biggest factor to that has been food thus keeping a healthy gut.

Usually when we look at a fruit or vegetable, we tend to quickly think of ways to transform it into different flavors by either cooking it or adding other ingredients. That can be a good thing but can also take away from our beautiful “star”. With that being said, I have come to a personal conclusion to always try and eat my fruits and vegetables without transforming them. Do I fail at that sometimes? Yes; I do but that doesn’t keep me from trying over and over to keep that healthy habit. Does that mean that my family and I depend on a raw diet? Nope, not at all but most of our fruit and vegetable consumption is left pure. It’s an apple not applesauce, it’s strawberries not strawberry jam, it’s raw cucumbers not pickled cucumbers, it raw baby green beans instead of cooked to “death” green beans and the list goes on.

However, we have picked up many more habits to try and keep a healthy gut or stay healthy;

  • Dirt consumption; oh yes!…I am actually not kidding on this one. We drink at least an ounce of Living Clay a day to keep toxins out.
  • Probiotics daily; if there’s one supplements I would recommend from personal experience that will keep that gut happy is this. We do this in many ways; kombucha, probiotic capsules, raw cabbage and the list goes on..
  • Drinking coconut water; this will sure flush out the gut and also maintain the electrolytes needed.
  • Taking a charcoal supplement once a week or as regular as you need to.
  • Drinking apple cider vinegar; I prefer to drink my tablespoon straight but my husband prefers mixing his with water. Either way it’s good for you. Drinking this 30 minutes before breakfast has been great for us but any other time of the day is okay as well.
  • Drinking Aloe Vera gel; Only a tea spoon in an 8 ounce glass of water is perfect. But try to follow the instructions given on the bottle.
  • Drinking lots of filtered water; I cannot stress this point loud enough. Water pretty much works alongside all the above items. We have to maintain a good water intake to keep our gut functioning well.

Like I have said before, I am not a certified doctor or anything close to that. So think of my words as a blabbering sister talking about what has worked for her hoping to encourage anyone on that path. I strongly believe that what we eat matters a lot in relation to cancer.

P.s. At the end of the day, you need to know that your body is your own so its up to you to do your own research and understand what works best for you. I will say that we must be our own doctors first.

God bless.

39 thoughts on “Cancer; healthy gut

  1. Thanks for the great post but do keep in mind that any pickled/fermented foods ARE probiotics. So in some cases, changing the vegetables and fruits can be an added benefit! 🙂

    1. Thanks thank you Shana. Yes I am aware of that and we do have things like kimchi, beets and more but my point is trying to avoid much salt that usually comes with pickled good. And also controling the yeast levels for my body. Thank you though for your insight.🌹

    1. We use it more for a toxic over load cleanse and also digestive removal. I used to think of it that way too before I did further research on it. I have now taken the charcoal supplement for over 5 years. Thank you Eric.

  2. This good advice is always welcome, thank you. About the charcoal, is that in tablet form you take this I wonder? So glad that this way of food intake is working for you.

  3. Coconut water is also good to break up manageable kidney stones. When you pee later on, it comes out as ash . Saves one from unnecessary surgery when possible.

      1. You’re very welcome.I used to live in the Philippines before migrating to Canada. The coconut tree is considered the tree of life in the Philippines. So many uses for it. The Kidney Center of the Philippines, I heard,sometimes use the coconut fruit as part of their herbal medicine for kidney stones. The center even sometimes use fresh pineapple to help lessen the swelling often experienced by the kidney patients. Pineapple has potassium,Vit C, fiber and can be used as a natural diuretic as well.

      2. Wow!. I am learning here. I enjoy pineapple but didn’t realize the many benefits it carries.Thank you again for your wisdom 💝

  4. Hello. Very interesting post. i haven’t heard of living clay before! …When I lived in China, charcoal supplements were very popular, and people would buy them from the pharmacy to help relieve tummy upsets.
    I have also changed my diet quite a lot in the past year or so. I have not had cancer, but have had tummy problems, and my hearing loss. My boyfriend is a vegetarian, and I started to eat more of a plant based diet too…in fact, i haven’t eaten meat for about 5 months. Since cutting out the meat, my tummy is less bloated…I guess, it’s finding out what works for your own body…
    Since losing my hearing, i was told to follow a low sodium diet. I realized I was actually consuming less than the average person anyway – we buy all our fruit and veg fresh and cook everything from scratch. My only issue has been when going out for meals – it’s difficult to find a low salt option…Ooh, I have also been drinking more herbal teas – green tea seems to really settle my stomach and peppermint tea relaxes me before bed 🙂
    …oh, that comment was longer than I was expecting!…I hadn’t realized how much i have been thinking about what I eat and drink recently!…
    Thank you for sharing. Feel good and take care.

  5. Very interesting Post!

    It might help keep in mind that our bodies are largely just bacteria and that what we eat is digested by our stomach acid and the bacteria contained in the stomach. There are bacteria there which give us good benefits and those that give us negative effects and they are interactive with everything we eat or drink. What we eat can change the relative quantities of good and bad bacteria thereby affecting our body’s content and health. We need to learn what things work best on our own bodies as we all vary in some aspects so what works for one may not work the same way for another (nor is it meant to). I believe there is a company in America currently giving personal analysis of your stomach bacteria varieties and advising on what foods are most beneficial to your own situation. It’s probably not a free service but it could save some a deal of time and effort in figuring our what works best for them. 🙂

    Stay healthy!


    1. Thank you very much sir for your wisdom. I hadn’t heard about that company. Would you have a name by any chance?. Always looking to learn more. Thank you again 🌹

      1. Lastly there are a number of companies offering gut biome testing and are two i found.


  6. We are what we eat. Looking around as I shop has forced me to conclude that too many people fail to understand that simple fact. Mass obesity must be at an all time high in most communities, while conversely, there are more people existing on the borderline of starvation simply because there are more people in the world. The balance is a fine one, and your article outlines the importance of knowing just how to hone in on separating the good from the bad. Thank you for highlighting some interesting facts.

    1. Thank-you Marie. We absolutely love Kombucha. I enjoy sharing the little I have been able to learn through this journey and always looking to learn more.💝

  7. Great post with good tips! After my husband’s heart disease diagnosis, we radically changed how we eat to whole, clean foods. While I entered our marriage 42 years ago, eating this way, I slowly got away from it. We both had extra weight but otherwise we’re healthy. And we’ve discovered this is how to eat to prevent cancer! That’s big for us since both of our dad’s succumbed to cancer. I’m praising God with you and your family for your restoration to good health! It’s so important now for your children to eat healthy. ❤️

    1. It is similar but not the same. Infact, growing up clay was for pregnant women; something that seemed wierd. I thought I would never be caught eating dirt😂😂😂. Here I am now….

    1. Thank you my dear. I am daily thankful to be on the other side of that monstrous disease. I still hurt for those that are taking a similar journey. Healthy eating is key and I am a strong believer 💝

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