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Mama, mama, mama
Didn’t you hear me cry?
Didn’t you hear me call?
Calling for you in that nightmare;
That left me weak
That left me bruised
That shattered me
That had me hurting
That left me scarred

Why did you?
Why did you let go;
Let go of this child?

Why leave me Motherless;
To never know your touch
Why ?
I had to grow fast mama…
I learned to conceal pain
I learned to persevere
I accepted rejection
I accepted shame
I had to survive!

By Susan McMillan

24 thoughts on “Mama?

      1. Wonderful words!
        I agree. The truth is in God. His example of courage has to be followed by humans and they need to follow a truthful path to reach God.

    1. This poem is a voice that was. A clueless child that didn’t know where to turn in the absence of a mother she had lost at the age of 3. There has been healing of the heart since then and Grace found through Christ.

  1. Thank you so much for passing in my little virtual house. I believe in writing and in love for writers. We all live life but some of us need to transfer their thoughts on paper or pc. This is my only way…creativity and respect for everyone who needs to speack with his heart. Paola.

    1. Thank you Paola. You are absolutely right. Every one has a story about life even though some of us choose to say it out loud. My way of pouring my heart out has always been through writing and I am thankful for that. Hugs.

  2. Hi Rhythm, Thank you for your recent comment on my blog. I clicked over to see your blog and found this very moving poem-song. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to following your heart here. Celebrating Spring, Sunshine, Sundaes, Sunflowers and Salvation. Polly

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