Poetry/Short Stories

Black veil bride.


Dimmed lights within;

Nothing sacred left

Without purity to give

You see the white veil bride;

your perfect desire…

I see a black veil bride;

dripping with unforgotten filth

scared of a purity smile

daring to lift the white veil

to reveal the black veil bride within.

By Susan McMillan


13 thoughts on “Black veil bride.

    1. Absolutely. It’s something that can stain a good marriage. God is sovereign though, He takes that ” black veil” feeling and turns it into joy of committing ourselves to the ones we love.

  1. So true about most brides. To me, the white dress can still resemble renewed commitment to purity. Well done

  2. I just finished reading the poem about Mama, and then I read this one. I can relate to both of those. Your words dug deep into my soul, and I know they are doing the same for others. That hurt, those partially healed scars need to come to the surface, so complete healing can begin. Those scars on our childhood, teenage years of hurt can heal through God’s mercy and grace. With Him there is complete cleansing and healing. I wish I had believed that on my white dress and veil wedding day. But we don’t always have all the answers and the faith at a younger age. God is merciful to grant us so many years on this earth to grow and mature in our soul. Beautiful words from you once again!

    1. Thank you Deborah for your kindness and encouraging words. Yes in Him there’s complete healing. Most of my poetry comes from journals from years back as I was trying to grasp the Truth. I am thankful to know that I could lay down my pain and Trust Christ for complete healing. He has been faithful and I can never doubt His sovereign love for me.

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