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A Lump in my throat

I hadn’t realized that my beloved husband had written a post about April 29th six years ago. This man of mine is an Engineer by profession and writing is not his “thing” at all. So this is Special. I am very thankful for my groom in every single way.

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Today I have a lump in my throat. I’m not sure why it seems worse than the anniversary’s before or perhaps I don’t remember. But right now as I think about this, I am having a hard time catching my breath.  Six years ago today I was wondering if my world would change. The doctors had warned me that there was a good chance my wife would not make it through a liver resection. They said she may die during or make it through but I would need to be prepared to make the decision concerning life support. My head was in the clouds to say the least. My wife had just had our 2nd child on the 31st of March when 3 days later we discovered she had a 22cm tumor in her liver. Our big day was here and that may be leaving me a single dad of…

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28 thoughts on “A Lump in my throat

  1. So wonderfully touching & sincere & now I have a lump in my throat! I really can’t imagine what it must have been like for you guys to go through what you did. You are both an amazing testimony to God’s grace and I pray your life story will bring hope to others and will cause many to encounter Jesus. Blessings to you both! Hayley 😊

    1. Thank-you Hayley ❤. We hope and pray that many will see God’s sovereignty in our story. He is God and He is good not just in the beautiful days but also in the hard to live through days. Hugs🌹

    1. Thank-you Marie 🌹. My groom is great with numbers not words. I on the other hand will run at the sight of numbers even though I somehow managed to survive my minimal college math. I love words though.❤

  2. I can feel his terror at the thought of losing you. The doctors certainly seemed to be preparing him for the worst. I can’t imagine his joy at your miraculous recovery.

    1. He was indeed terrified. We both dread going back for my MRIs once a year given the fact that it’s the same hospital. He has stayed very strong for me. 🌹

      1. Thank-you Elizabeth. It will be November and I am sure this time around I will write about it so my blog family can walk with us. It’s never too bad except for endless drawing of blood that tends to leave me in tears.

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