Poetry/Short Stories

Dear pencil holder,


Draw me;

Draw only what I reveal

Draw not my scarred heart

See not my wrinkled past

Dear pencil holder;

Look not beyond my eyes

Look not beyond the smile I present

Ask not the lingering questions;

Of the heart and soul

Of the tears you see

Of the pain you read

Of the bitterness you suspect

Pencil holder,

Draw what I desire to see;

A perfect image

A flawless me

Eyes that tell Nothing from my past;

A life well lived perhaps…

Draw me,


Draw ” me” not!

By Susan McMillan

4 thoughts on “Dear pencil holder,

  1. Susan, I so appreciate your follow and welcome getting to know you as well. I am so please to ‘meet’ another poetry person as well as read about your family and your recovery from abuse. (your children are beautiful!) God bless you here on the interwebs.

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