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cancer-389921_1920 Are we statistics;
That your files hold on the shelf?
When you see our frail and fading bodies,
Do you hurt just a little?
Does your blood rush in excitement of a new research subject?
Turning me, him, her and the next into your lab experiments!
exciting experiences for yet another award?
Do our miseries break your hearts for a moment?
Do they continue to excite your bank accounts?
Tell us,
What our pain means to you?

36 thoughts on “Cancer???

    1. Thank you.It’s very personal; from a place of pain in my heart. I have traveled the painful road and I continue to see many go through the same. It hurts and i break for many that are yet to take a similar route. Cancer is killing many but yet many continue to fill up their pockets.

  1. Today the federal government went after a number of advertisers promising cures with products that do nothing but get people’s hopes up. I hate that kind of exploitation of vulnerable people.

    1. Thank you Elizabeth. You are absolutely right. From experience, when one gets the cancer diagnosis, there’s vulnerability; wanting and willing to do anything to help. It’s sad when others use that situation for their ” pleasure”.

  2. Dear,
    I don’t understand about you, I have two question.
    Which cancer?
    Are you under medical treatment?
    I can’t smart comment to you,yet(T^T)

    1. I had stage 4 liver cancer, had liver resection and chemotherapy followed but have now opted for natural path route; healing my body with nutrition and herbs.

      1. I see!!
        This song is Japanese,but animation,so you will can understad, i think.pls this,

      2. To get started, I would recommend some good documentaries; I have listed some under my recommended list. That is mainly for the knowledge. But Gerson therapy has been my main guide. There’s also her book on my recommended list. They have a cook book that is not on Amazon but carry it on their website. I am not a doctor or qualified medical physicain in any way but I choose to share what has helped me stay clear of cancer for the past 6 years. Think of me as a sister sharing in small talk. Hugs💞

  3. Radiation for prostate cancer this time of year in 2012. After series of Lupron shots now ended clean 2 years. The doctor said the thing that will ultimately kill me is TMB (too many birthdays). Thanks for recent visit to my blog.

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