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Motherhood; thankful


I like to think of myself as Mama Bear. Perhaps that is an understatement too. I am extremely protective of our children.

I know it’s easier said than done, but the mama bear in me strongly believes that I would take any kind of punch for these babies of mine.

This week our little guy will be 8. He made me a mama for the first time. I am a mama because of my two munchkins and I absolutely pride myself in that fact.

If I am asked what I do, I will say I mother our babies. That is my joyful job this season of my life and I am very thankful for it and more;

I am thankful that our babies have an honest prayer; a Mama’s prayer for them as seasons go by. I long to pray for these munchkins until my last breathe

I am very​thankful that our babies have me to call mama

I am thankful that our babies can count on endless mama bear hugs.

I am thankful that our babies can count on kisses only a mother could give

I am thankful that our babies can count on my tears if they ever needed me to cry with them. I still cry even when uncalled for.

I am thankful that our babies have a friend in me to talk to whenever they please. Yes, I already have those mother/child talk when I am using the bathroom. A child just knows the perfect time for a conversation with mama. Only with mama can that happen.

I am thankful that our babies can count on endless back rubs even when this old lady of theirs is exhausted. Selfless giving that never runs out.

I am thankful that our babies have a mother to throw a silly joke at and then another.

I am thankful that our babies have a perfect spot they can never outgrow as long as I am alive; Mama’s arms.

I could go and on for seasons. I am blessed, I have been blessed with the gift of life to pour into our children. I am overwhelmed with joy for this gift and also for our munchkins. And I pray that God will daily guide me on how to best love them.

I pray that in the end, my love for them will be a memory worth keeping/holding even long after I am gone someday.

I pray that my pouring into our children will show for generations to come in our family.

But most importantly, I pray that by loving out children, they will come to understand the one who loves them way more than I will ever love them.

“Motherhood has brought me a kind of joy I could never describe. It has granted me the gift to know the beauty in having a mother; this I see daily in my children’s eyes. There is no question, they know that they are precious, they matter and are safe.”

29 thoughts on “Motherhood; thankful

  1. And the joy is many times over with grandchildren! The joy of watching your child mother her children through all the bumps and good times is an unexpected gift. And last weekend my granddaughter said she wanted me to be alive for her children as their great grandmother!(she’s only 9, so only God knows.)

    1. It’s beautiful that your grandchildren see a beauty in your presence that they desire their children to be part of it. You must be a blessing in their lives.💞

      1. That’s very beautiful Elizabeth. It’s wonderful your love for your children overflows into your grandchildren despite the fact that you never had that. 🌹

  2. Now that I’m a grand-parent I appreciate much more the limited time we have with our children and the importance of those bear hugs and love. Thanks for sharing mama bear.

    1. It is limited indeed. We don’t realize how fast time goes by until we are celebrating birthday after birthday and on….. Bear hugs are forever to our children; at least I believe so.

  3. I loved reading about how your love is pouring out over your children. We’re in the grandparent stage, and it is so gratifying to be able to love the next generation.

    1. Thank you Erika ❤. You are a great writer and I absolutely enjoy your sense of humor. You lighten up our world as parents; children are a blessing and I hope we can all find the little joys in raising them. 🌹

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