Poetry/Short Stories

Hurts to remember!


Abuse is painful

Like a leech it drains our blood

Steals our courage and strength to speak up

A heart knows to hold it

The pain bleeding into our present

At times staining those we love

A mind knows to replay it

Soiling our happy moments

The deep scars will remind us too

The monster’s face we can never forget

 And it still hurts to remember!

By Susan McMillan

12 thoughts on “Hurts to remember!

  1. “At times staining those we love”
    Love this line. I haven’t experienced abuse, but I’ve found that tiny traumas and fears, although not abuse, still stain the ones because of me. Wonderful poem!

  2. “At times staining those we love”. A line from your experience, I fear. But those whom we love can also be a source of healing for the abuse, as they start to understand the many ways, large and small, in which the abuse has left scars.

  3. I’m sorry – I read this before reading “Abuse recovery”. There’s nothing I can tell you about love and support that you haven’t already experienced. I admire your courage and love.

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