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Abuse recovery


Perhaps you have read snippets of me here and there on this blog and wondered why the many poems geared towards abuse. Well, I have lived through many seasons of pain and among them was childhood abuse. It left me broken and honestly saying I was a moving zombie would give you a crystal clear picture of how I felt back then; Empty and alone.

After I got married, I shared the heavy load of pain that I had held this long with my groom. At this point, it was extremely heavy to keep in. This man walked with me, loved me through it and allowed me to slowly take baby steps towards healing.

For me, healing meant learning to understand the depth of my pain, speaking it out, meeting other women that had walked a similar road, and learning to understand what true forgiveness of the ones that hurt me looked like. I will say, combining the word forgiveness and the abuser in one sentence was never an easy thought but I slowly took those baby steps.

I know how deep I am scarred, but I know how sovereign God is. He has freed my heart into forgiving beyond my personal ability.

I specifically went through an abuse recovery class using The Uncaged Project book. It was absolutely amazing. There may be parts humanly speaking that may feel hard to wrap your head around but it’s the truth laid out.

I hope and pray that you are encouraged to take baby steps like I did.


40 thoughts on “Abuse recovery

  1. Just starting to learn about you after you found my blog out here in cyberspace, and am thankful you found me so I can follow your story. Often it just takes one special person to take us on our journey. You are blessed to have found that person in your husband! And you are blessed to have found the courage within yourself to take that journey.

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    1. Thank-you for stopping by. Most definitely you will be able to know my family and I on here. God has been faithful to me/us in many seasons not our lives. We hope to share snippets at a time.🌹


  2. Thank you for sharing. We have a daughter who went through much abuse when she got married. She is free now and remarried to a loving Christian man. I cannot presume to know what you endured but I am so glad that your heart, mind and spirit have been healed and your groom has been there to help you while God graciously healed you. Worthy is the Lamb! Blessings!

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    1. Thank-you Sir. Sorry for the pain that your daughter had to go through. I believe that God is not set out to break us. We are His children and most importantly, He created us for His glory. He uses us in ways we may not understand at the moment to fulfill His purpose. I choose to trust in Him always.

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    1. I can personally say that abuse is painful. In my case, crawling and learning to cling to Christ was my only option for hope. I pray that those that are walking a similar road can understand that there is relief, there’s healing and yes there’s forgiveness that free our brokenness.

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    1. Thank-you sis. I thank you for your love and kindness for the time I have known you through our little place here😉. I feel right at home. I always hope and pray that my seasons of pain will somehow encourage another to understand God’s sovereignty. Many hugs💞🌹


  3. You have been through so much in your life, and I’m thankful that you are willing to share it on here, as well as the blessings in your life now. There is healing and the ability for new growth. Life is precious when we live it for God and seek Him in all that we do.

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