To the Motherless Bride.


Dear sister,

Yes I call you my sister because I have lived this season, this day, and this moment. Almost 9 years ago, I was that motherless bride. So I completely get it.

I will say it hurt, and it hurt to the core of my heart. It was lonely as I sat still wishing mother were there in that beautiful moment with me. I desired to hear her voice comfort my soul, I badly wished her arms were holding mine complimenting my dress and smile that I wore that day.

Even though I hurt at the thought of her absence, I chose to smile; it was my day…A beautiful day.

I was a beautiful bride and yes today my dearest, it’s your day and yes you are a beautiful bride. Smile as big as you can. Don’t you dare hold back! Cry if you need to for it is your day.

But, perhaps I will share a few things that got me through without mama/mother of the bride;

  • Prayer; Just say a prayer, breathe and make your day happen.
  • Allow to be loved by the beautiful women that may want to bless you on that day. I had women fill in pieces of mama on that day and I am thankful for that.
  • Smile baby; we have cried for a while, just choose to smile on your wedding day. Again, it’s your day.
  • Take a moment to cry if you need to. On my day, I took a moment to cry because once again, I was missing my mama. So go on baby.❤
  • Look in the mirror and see how precious you look. Perhaps those would have been your mama’s words. Do just that.
  • Stay strong dear. I believe our mamas were strong women. Today, you are taking a step of courage, of a strong woman. Be strong.
  • Dance and dance again like no one is watching for your mama would have wanted you to take in this day. Make your memories; beautiful memories starting today.

So go on my dear. Enjoy your day.

From another once was

Motherless Bride ❤

34 thoughts on “To the Motherless Bride.

  1. I couldn’t help but cry. My wedding day, I had to do all of those things that you had on the checklist. My mom passed three months before my wedding day. Our wedding coincides with her birthday. It’s actually the day before and that moment that I wanted to share with her, I did. I had that cry as soon as I turned around to look at myself in the mirror. Both my mom and dad were in heaven beaming through that mirror and shining through me throughout the day. This was truly beautiful. Thank you.

  2. This was truly beautiful and helpful! I will have to save this for my special day when it comes. I can’t thank you enough for this post! xo

  3. It’s so hard to not have your parents with you on that special day. My parents were both alive for my wedding, and I cherish the memories, but my father passed away before my sister was married, and both parents died before my brother could take his vows. They’re gone, but not forgotted. Xoxo

    1. Thank-you for sharing snippets of your own story. I am glad you had the joy of your mama’s presence on your day. I pray that you will always cherish those memories. 🌹

  4. It’s very considerate of you writing this sensitive post and provide comfort to many. I was blessed to have my friends hosted a shower for my daughter who lives in Portland, OR while I live in souther CA. I happened to be visiting her when she had appointment to pick her grown so I went with her. My two sisters came from HONG kong to attend her wedding, and three of us sang in my daughter’s wedding. y husband walked her down the aisle because her dad was not in sight (that was a sad story for her and or me).

  5. Beautiful! I did not have as difficult time at my wedding without my father as I did when I had my daughters. That picture of him cradling me in my first days in his arms…he should have been here to share that with them.

    1. It’s always good to know that someone else relates to what I am talking about. I am sure many have lived this moment and I know many will. I just pray and hope that these words will be a drop​ of encouragement.

  6. What wonderful words of support and encouragement. My mom died 5 months after I was married. No matter how old you are you always need mom. Whether she is alive or in heaven. It hurt so much my kids would never know her. But I realized my son knew her through me. 10/20/1988 she took her last breath. In so many ways it was only yesterday. I know my mom is always with me. She is a part of me. I love that thought.

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