Brewed Thoughts

Brewed Thoughts – Maya Angelou


We are not our brother’s keeper we are our brother and we are our sister. We must look past complexion and see community.

19 thoughts on “Brewed Thoughts – Maya Angelou

  1. So easy to see the community online than offline or am I wrong? Sometimes I can write on and on, sometimes am deep in thoughts especially in the face of such powerful and poignant quotes

    1. I absolutely understand your point Marie. But we ought to remember that we are fallen, broken and sinful as human beings. Failing can not keep us from trying. We must forgive, we must Love, we must not fail to do what’s right. I know there’s so much pain in today’s society caused by this issue. We all must seek to heal. Christ calls us all to love not because it’s easy. But it’s honoring to Him who created us. Hugs my dear ❤

      1. Yes dear that’s why we keep trying to live right, love right, pray right, do our best. That’s also why we keep trying to love our neighbour and brother as ourselves and dare not only be their keeper but be them… How powerful that quote was… I think it boils down to loving unconditionally even when one doesn’t feel it is mutual. As we say in my country, I am trying my best because I know My Lord so loves me unconditionally that’s the least I can do for his creation mindful of my own human frailness. Your brewed thought was and is really so poignant for me in particular

  2. It is incredible how much insight some people have, and Maya Angelou is one who is right at the top. The principle of this statement is the main point to remember and it is so valuable…we need to be able to turn all such comparisons around until we know the arrow is pointing directly at “me”. When we were kids we used to say “you mean ‘me?” and the reply would come back “me, myself and I!” In that way, as children, we thought we had covered the whole thing, whatever it was. Of course we didn’t know what we were talking about, but as adults, we should know.

    1. Absolutely. We do need these remainders. I believe that we cannot change what was(this applies to many circumstances in life). But we sure can choose to free our hearts by forgiving and loving. Thank-you Elizabeth.

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