Poetry/Short Stories

Roots planted.


I met a man that led my heart; led it to believe

I found a man that led  my heart to long; longing for another

His heart and mine…

Roots planted; calling him home

I met a man, I blame him for these butterfly feelings

I met a man, I fault his charm for causing me to love

I found a man, I call him mine; my peaceful place

Roots planted; calling him home

Heart snatcher I call him

Lonely eraser I must say

My laughter

My friend

My companion

My love

My man; this man

Roots planted; my Roots; I call him home.


I thank you for loving me for me.

42 thoughts on “Roots planted.

    1. That’s the truth. The Lord is our shepherd that He is able to heal hearts that have walked that painful walk. I hurt for those that have because I know their pain 😑. Many hugs dear ❤

    1. Thank-you Herbert. That’s very kind of you to say. I love poetry and I enjoy being able to portray my massage in as simple of words as possible. Our hearts are not really knitted with fancy and sophisticated grammar. Many hugs💞

  1. You make a lovely couple. I can see the love in the way the two of you are always so close.

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