Poetry/Short Stories



He that broke my knees
Scavenging my flesh
Bruising the body and soul.

Laughing at my breaking
Leaving me to beg for mercy
Feasting on my misery
Stripping my dignity…
To bare bones I say
A little at a time.

“Please don’t”…I begged!
Preying again and again

He; The Scavenger!

25 thoughts on “Scavenger!

  1. Hi, I just wanted to say “Thank you for liking my posts. Sorry it has taken a bit of time but I’m not doing well at this time and having a hard time with the keyboard. I’ve been reading a few of your posts and I do like the way you write. I’ll be reading more. Thanks again. Sandy

    1. I wasn’t thinking of Cancer in this piece but you are right. Cancer is a scavenger considering what it does to our bodies. It definitely draines a person. Thank-you Les❤

  2. What powerful imagery here. I really like the emotion in this piece. When I read it I can think of a few people in my own life as well. Thank God for God who keeps us safe from the scavengers and is our Shepherd :-).

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