Poetry/Short Stories

To be somebody.


When you say I matter

For me; a “no body”…

It’s to be somebody.

When you wipe my tears

With your own cloth…

When you give me your hand

You let me hold on…

It’s to be somebody.

I sit at your table

You pass me a cup

Your cup

I dine at your table

Sharing your plate

You cause me to smile

You let me smile

Along with you

In your presence

At your table

With you

For me,….

It’s to be somebody.

By Susan McMillan

17 thoughts on “To be somebody.

    1. Thank-you Elizabeth ❤. I believe everyone has a story, a path never traveled by another… Compassion maybe all one needs. I know that first hand even though I was never homeless.

  1. You are so kind. Thank-you very much. When one has been given compassion, there’s no better words to express that feeling. It’s humbling ❤. Many, Many hugs.

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