Brewed Thoughts

Brewed Thoughts – Sinclair B. Ferguson


When you look at the Cross, what do you see? You see God’s awesome faithfulness. Nothing – not even the instinct to spare His own Son – will turn him back from keeping His word.

6 thoughts on “Brewed Thoughts – Sinclair B. Ferguson

  1. Wonderful post! And to dwell on such an act of love we are astonished that a Father could sacrifice His Son for a world of sinners. The question in my mind always returns to “greater love hath no man than to give his life for a brother.” Even in this, He set the example for us.

    1. Thank-you Marie. In our human nature, we are inclined to fail constantly in the way we ought to love. We are to love still even in our weakness as sinners.Seeking to be more like Christ and trusting Him to give us the Grace to love in our state of being.🌹

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