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About Cancer; food


Don’t run just because I mentioned the word Cancer or perhaps start to wonder why out of the blue I have decided to smack the cancer on here today.

I am a stage 4 liver cancer survivor and yes I have been declared Cancer free so far.

Food verses cancer is a real issue for me that I have spent years since my battle reading and researching for my personal health. I now strongly believe that what we eat is directly connected to the growth or continual growth of cancer cells in our bodies. I am no professional doctor or anything like that so take my word as if it were from a sister who is just blabbering about her adventure.

So here we go…The best I ate and still eat on a run from cancer

  1. Turmeric, this can be added to any food or drink but is a perfect anti-inflammatory/anti-cancer ingredient.
  2. Beets
  3. Papaya
  4. Dandelion greens; best in smoothies, salads, soups or just quickly sautΓ©ed.
  5. Black beans; soaked overnight and boiled with cilantro, turmeric, sea salt, black pepper and a little coconut oil. This is the anti-cancer soup in our house.
  6. Cucumbers; Tons of these bad boys. By far one of the best alkaline foods out there
  7. Water! Drink tons and tons of water to flush out toxins (from Chemo)

I have moved on to doing a bunch of weird things to be sure I don’t have to ever lay in that bed at Baylor university hospital. I still remember the exact cancer floor that I lay in pain overlooking the Sheraton hotel. What a life!

I know and understand the pain of fighting cancer; I have lived it and I know that no food sacrifice is too much compared to this kind of pain.

So please stay away from

  • Sugar as much as you can; it creates an acidic environment in the body in which cancer cells thrive.
  • Meat; yap I said it. I know you are probably giving me the “never!” look but facts are facts meat especially at a rate that it’s consumed in our beloved America can overwork the body as it breaks it down converting it into sugar. But also does create acidity in the body.
  • Dairy; causes inflammation and most definitely if there are Cancer cells starting, it’s a guaranteed nourishment for that.

All in all, the choice to take care of our bodies is entirely up to us. In the end, our food choices can only affect us as individuals.

Stay blessed πŸ’ž


78 thoughts on “About Cancer; food

    1. Thank-you. It’s always hard to speak out mostly about giving up food that people are accustomed to with daily diets. But yet still, I have tasted the pain of an illiness like cancer and I would not want anyone out there to walk my kind of walk.

  1. Congratulations on your recovery! And thank you for the suggestions. I am battling Multiple Myeloma right now, so I will consider your list. Be blessed!

    1. Thank-you Pete. I had read your story off your blog about your daughter coming to visit you. I hurt for you sir but also I want you to know that my family and I are praying and will continue to pray for healing. Smile whenever you can and just take one day at a time remembering that God is still sovereign even in this season of your life. God bless 🌹

  2. Thanks for this – the big C word is kinda taboo isn’t it? But everyone knows someone who has been through it, if not themselves. As far as diet goes, I’m pretty much on board with what you said – my stumbling block is sugar. SO much sugar is in food that it has no business being in. I also have the occasional coffee with a spoonful of the white stuff. And maybe a cookie or two. So yeah, its something I’m working on. Glad you raised this, more people need to be aware that diet is more than just shedding a few pounds.

    1. Absolutely. I don’t consider being a low weight as an indication of being healthy. The body is much more than weight it’s. Thank-you for understanding my point and passion to talk about this.πŸ’ž

    1. Yes I used to not be a believer in the natural route until it hits me hard with this monster (Cancer). After a liver resection, my doctor told us that I had 90% chances of having a re -occcurance, then down to 50% and on until he didn’t understand anymore why there was nothing. I still get to have an MRI once a year. Choose the healthy route while you still can. I have seen it work and your wife is right 😁.

    1. Thank-you sis. Hugs❀. I can never thank God enough for His grace in my life. I always have to correct my doctor when he says I am in remission. I call it healed 😁.

  3. I’m so glad you posted this! I’ve started a series on my personal blog about my husband’s recent diagnosis of heart disease. Funny, that was never on his radar, but cancer was. His dad fought colon cancer and passed the 5 year mark…then soon after, it reappeared in his lungs. We have now revamped not only how we eat, but what we think about food. We are now on a heart healthy diet and the literature seems to point to the fact that diet is an antioxidant diet and cancer preventative. So I’m planning a post about this. From this post, I see I need more education!
    I’m so happy to hear you are cancer free – and you are right, to now make sure you keep that healthy cancer fighting diet!!!

    1. Hugs and do much love Debbie. I may not understand your exact struggle with pain but I do understand about pain. Feel free to ask me any question. πŸ’ž

  4. Thank you for sharing this — I’m so glad that you’re now cancer-free. I haven’t given a lot of thought to the food I eat (beyond XYZ needs to be dropped for weight), so thank you for posting that food info. ❀

  5. Thank you for sharing and for the follow. My family has been touched by cancer twice – so I’m so pleased you’re here giving tips. I wonder if you follow a particular menu or would consider creating a food diary. I think your food analysis-as relates to good health- is sound.

    1. Vivian my dearest Hugs today πŸ’ž. Thank-you for your kind words. I am sorry to hear about cancer having touched your family twice. The main thing we do is keep our pH levels leveled and to do that we eat high alkaline foods. I will be sharing a specific list not too long.🌹

  6. Excellent post! I’m trying to change my eating habits and this is another incentive. I have cut back on sugar but the cravings hit hard every now and then 😐. As for meat , I have been eating a lot more fish and vegetables lately and feeling a lot better . Your post is very inspirational. Thank you.

    1. Thank-you my dear. I am happy to be able to inspire you. That is my absolute joy. I at times find my hand in chocolate truffle section at the store……These cravings at times give in😁. Don’t give up trying though. Tons of hugs today πŸ’ž

  7. Hi there. Is there any way I could contact you? I’ve visited your blog before and would love to learn more about your story πŸ™‚

  8. Excellent post!! Congratulations on your continued recovery. You’ve shared some really good tips here and the one that caught my immediate attention – sugar. I’ve been addicted to it for far too many years and just last summer I ceased eating candy (that was a biggie), I’m working to eliminate processed foods and I’m adopting a healthy lifestyle. Still a work in progress.

      1. Some of life’s challenges can certainly prompt us to make necessary changes.
        Thank you for sharing your story, wisdom and giving us hope for living better lives. πŸ’—

  9. Thank you for sharing your story. Your gentle way of telling it is bound to touch many people. My husband’s dad died of cancer many years ago; his mom followed shortly thereafter; she never drank alcohol yet the doctors found that her liver was in very sad shape. Neither of his parents was really old. And now his sister was found to have a precancerous breast tumor last fall; the doctors were quick to operate but never told her about sugar… I did. Not enough people are aware that natural food, meaning fresh fruit and especially vegetables, as given to us in nature by God, is key to our health. Let us spread the word as well as His Word!
    I promised my husband that I would take him to his ninetieth birthday… in spite of himself, thanks to the greens he doesn’t care so much about! I eat practically no added sugar, and he has cut back also. People eat a lot of this addictive poison without knowing that a safe limit is about 25g (6 tsp) a day for a woman, and 37.5g (9 tsp) for a man. I try to keep it in mind when I make cakes!
    Praying or meditating can also help healing. So take care, and God bless you!

    1. Hugs my dearest. Cancer is killing people silently. I never drink alcohol nor smoked, but I had malaria and typhoid many, many times growing up and had to take medication alot. After examining the tumor taken out, the doctor concluded that it was from over working the liver year after year with Maleria Medication. I now see liver cancer growth in my country of birth in people my age group and it hurts. That’s a beautiful promise you made to your husband ❀. I pray that you both live to do just that. I pray that I will live to be the person my children need when changing from one season of their lives to another; teenage years, graduations, new jobs and more God willing. I desire to be around so I can pray a mother’s prayer for them, I desire to hold them tight and remind them of God’s sovereign love when life gets hard. I desire to be able to laugh and cry with them when they need me to and on and on. Many hugs my dear and please don’t give up encouraging your husband πŸ’ž

  10. Thank you for liking posts on my blog…which has moved to a different wordpress site, but it’s just about the wine industry. I’m happy I found your blog- I love reading inspirational stories and posts that share how blessed we are by our Father’s love. I, too, am a cancer survivor- fresh from finishing treatment 6 months ago for leukemia. The only thing that got me through is knowing that Jesus was there, holding me in the palm of His hand. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”. Jeremiah 29:11. And no matter what, it was going to be alright because I believe that Jesus is my Savior. I’m so happy to hear that you have been healed!

    1. Many, many hugs. God is indeed sovereign. Nutrition wise I have learnt to stay on alkaline foods to avoid acidity in my body. I still have to get MRIs once a year and the doctors like to call it remission. I call it healed πŸ˜‰. I am so happy I found you and I am able to share your story. God loves us even when our pain is unbearable and I pray that we will never question that fact. So much love and more hugsπŸ’ž

  11. So many thoughts on so many topics!! What a gift you have – sharing so much in such an open, transparent way – Thank you!!
    And think you for visiting and following
    May God continue to keep you in good health and speak to you every day – from His Word, nature, your circumstances, and in prayer. Be blessed!

  12. Great facts to keep getting out there. My family have recently been watching a documentary called “the truth about cancer” some of the testimonies in there are amazing. One thing that’s mentioned in it is essential oils. Frankincense is one they used as a kind of rub over the areas afflicted with tumors. I add a couple drops to my water bottle most days as a cancer preventative. Much love JordieSunshine.

    1. Thank-you Jordie. Absolutely frankincense is a great one. We get our essential oils from doterra. Truth is, prevention is way easier than the fight. Keep up. I am a strong believer in frankincense .

  13. Did not read all the comments, so someone may have mentioned this, staying away from foods like, meat, dairy, coffee, sugar etc. that can make you body alkaline is one step, ingesting food that helps keep your body alkaline is also good: Lemmon juice, a teaspoon of baking soda, food grade hydrogen peroxide…

    1. Absolutely. An alkaline diet is what our family tries to do every single day. I now know that cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment but are weakened in an alkaline environment. So yes the alkalinity of the body does Matter and is a huge part of keeping cancer from invading our bodies. Thank you very much for your thoughts 🌹

      1. I love to find people who use food to help stabalize/cure/aid in their health issues. years ago when I reserched cancer, I found a nurse from Montreal (I think) who had a natural cure for cancer…Cassie Issiac I believe her name was….not sure how real the natural cure was but it was interesting to read.

  14. You are so right food is the medicine God gave us:-) Each year, I learn new ways to stay healthy. It is a journey and so good you are sharing with others!!!! I look forward to learning from you.

  15. Love your article! My sister recently passed from stage 4 breast cancer. Seeing someone go through this battle and then die in your arms from this cancer hell is beyond words. Check out my blog when you get a chance. It’s about my sister. Thanks!

    1. I am so sorry for your loss my friend. I can’t even begin to understand your pain but I do know that God is sovereign even in times when life feels like we are drowning under water. He knows you hurt, He knows your loss, He knows every tear you have shed. Hugs🌹

      1. Thank you for your kind words. It’s awesome that you transformed your diet and defeated cancer. Turmeric is key! Ginger is also great to add to tea and sauces. Keep up the great nutrition intake! So happy for you.

  16. I’ve been researching so much about consuming an alkaline diet , which is how I came across your post. I am super inspired , thank you for sharing !

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