Poetry/Short Stories

From the sidelines!


I reckon you know

I believe you recall

I know you know

That you watched from the sidelines!

Perhaps you don’t

Perhaps you do

Perhaps I know you do

That you watched from the sidelines!


A weak child

A fearful child

A crying child

A breaking child

A begging child

A drowning child

A child you call your own

From the sidelines!

By Susan McMillan

12 thoughts on “From the sidelines!

    1. Thank-you Elizabeth. It’s good to know that we can still forgive even those that stood and watched from the sidelines 🌹. I am very thankful for your voice of wisdom Elizabeth.💞

    1. That’s actually not fiction. It’s based on a true story hoping someone will listen and be aware of continuous child abuse. Thank-you very much taking your time to read this piece.🌹

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