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Hands unsung!


Her hands…

Gently folded to say a prayer

Quickly fixed for you

Stitches they made

Bread they made

The ground they cultivated

Tears they wiped

The unsung hands of a mother!

Those hands guided

Those hands cared

Those hands held

They did…

The unsung hands of a mother!

A little harder they tried

A little more they gave

They empty to fill yours

They lose for yours to win

The unsung hands of a mother!

By Susan McMillan

21 thoughts on “Hands unsung!

  1. Beautiful. I often think of my Mama’s hands and my Daddy’s hands. They are both in Heaven now. I miss them dearly. Their hands gave unconditional love.

    1. That’s beautiful. Hands do tell a story. When I look at someone’s hands, I always like to think that I can see their story of a life lived. Our mothers’ stories of love can be seen in those hands. Even though my own Mama’s hands I never had the joy of seeing, I believe all the above to be true if she were here. Thank-you 🌹

  2. The very first post of yours I’ve read, and I can already say I look forward to reading many more! Your words are beautiful, and confirmation we are of similar heart. I wrote a poem many, many years ago — in either high school or college, about a grandmother’s hands. I will have to share it with you sometime. 🙂

      1. “Lace”

        Fragile hands
        Folded contentedly in her lap …
        Ice blue veins lace
        Transparent skin stretched taut
        Over brittle bone.
        Hands that have turned the pages
        Of time.
        Lovingly, they soothed a fevered child
        With the coolness of their touch.
        Determined, they nurtured roses
        Through hot Texas summers.
        Reminiscent, sewing antique lace
        On a daughter’s wedding gown.
        Proud, holding her first grandchild.
        Sorrowful, they laid a red rose
        On her husband’s grave, and
        Gently erased a single tear.
        Hands growing cooler as the dusk falls.

        — Laura Swan (1983)

        I worked in a small town pharmacy when I was in college and one day an elderly woman came in to pick up a prescription. I noticed her hands when she paid for her prescription and they inspired this poem. ❤

      2. Wow. This is a very strong and descriptive poem. Thank-you very much Laura for sharing. That is life in the raw; unedited. When we you write those words, they are real because you have seen exactly what you wrote. With all my poetry, I write real life that I have either lived or watched others live. Thank-you Laura ❤. Hugs 💞

  3. Beautiful words that touched my heart as I remember my mum, I miss her so. I know she has gone to be with the Lord. Thank you for posting. Blessings

  4. A lovely tribute to all mothers. I especially like the last stanza.
    A little harder they tried
    A little more they gave
    They empty to fill yours
    They loose for yours to win
    The unsung hands of a mother!
    Just a question, did you want to say lose or loose? Mothers give so willingly to their children. It is a special kind of love.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I look forward to reading more of your work. Have a beautiful day.

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