Poetry/Short Stories

Barefoot friendship





All in

I call it barefoot friendship

You tell me no

You agree I should or shouldn’t

You lead; I follow

You follow; I lead

We both go….

Barefoot friendship.

You dream

I dream

Believing we run

Barefoot friendship.

Exhausted I stop

Still strong you stop

We both pause

Barefoot friendship



Seasons, we both live

In a barefoot friendship.

By Susan McMillan

28 thoughts on “Barefoot friendship

      1. You’re welcome And what you said is so true Now married 47 years, so have experienced a long and honest f!riendship that doesn’t give up. tc

      2. It’s always beautiful hearing about marriages like yours. More so one that is filled with friendship. I look up to those marriages I seek to copy them. I absolutely enjoy my husband/my best friend and look forward to 47 years and more God willing. Thank-you again sir.

      3. You’re welcome! On a side note: I had been 18 for a whole month when we met at college. Within 4 days I asked her to marry me!! She said yes!!! Then it was a long 1,000 day courtship, till we married!

  1. I love this. Reminds me of Footprints 👣; something like when one partner is tired, the other one carries her in his arms and vice versa like in the journey of life where there is sharing and togetherness 💕

    1. Absolutely!. Never giving up on one another when the road gets rough. Willingness to slow down for our friends to catch up. Just loving and sacrificing for the ones we love. Hugs my dear 💞

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