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Happy 6th birthday little mama!


Today has been a beautiful day. A day our little one turned 6.

We are thankful for our little blessing who is literally a hurricane to say the least. She is not a cause for any sort of destruction though….Not at all. Michele is a passionate little thing. She loves drawing, coloring and torturing her big brother whenever she gets the chance to do so; which is most of the time.

This little thing is a strong girl. Six years ago I had her via cesarean section out of need. She weighed 5 pounds but was good to go home in just 3 days.

5 days of being home, I was diagnosed with cancer. I had to take on this fight leaving my precious one in the care of my beloved mother in-law. It was the hardest season I have ever had to go through. I longed to hold my little one but I couldn’t. I became weak very quickly.

April 29th 2011, that is almost a month from the time she had been born, I had a major surgery to take out a 22 centimeter tumor that I had apparently carried throughout my pregnancy with my little girl!

Like most cancer journeys, chemotherapy followed only making me weaker. Too weak to take care of myself or my under 3 months old baby and a little over 2 year old boy. This was hard! I felt weak, helpless and vulnerable.

So why say all that? Because on that day of my surgery, I thought that would be it. The doctors did not think I would make it through the surgery. They told my dear husband that.Β That is part of our little girl’s story.

Today I am thankful for my baby girl. For the years I have been blessed to watch her grow.

God knows all and I pray and hope that I will get to be part of many more birthdays to come.

This year, me and my baby girl picked out her little yellow dress. It was our moment and I cherish it.

Happy birthday my baby girl! We pray that as you grow in age, you will grow to know and understand God’s love for you. To always seek to honor Him in everything. And know that only through Him can you find eternal life. The only life that matters.

Much much love always.


45 thoughts on “Happy 6th birthday little mama!

  1. Aw, this made me cry. I cannot imagine how hard that season was for you! But what an amazing story of God’s grace and these beautiful years He has given you with your precious babies. You are a strong woman. Happy Birthday, Princess!!! ❀ ❀

    1. Thank-you Jessica. All I can say is that God is and has been gracious in all of those seasons of my life. I trust that He knows and understands my/our days. I have chosen to rest in His Grace.πŸ’ž

  2. Your story shows you have a true inner strength which has helped you along your path in life. Your husband and children are the beautiful blessings which are making your journey easier. Happy Birthday sweet little one, the happiness shines out of her she is truly loving life, thanks to you. 🌹

    1. Thank-you Elaine 🌼. Thank-you for your kind words again. I am naturally a very weak person. I get scared very easily, I am quick to at times doubt God’s hand when things continue to not go the way I feel they should. Only by God’s grace am I able to have the slightest Faith in His hand. Thank-you over and over for your kindness πŸ’žπŸ’ž

      1. I believe that God never gives us more than we can handle and rather than fight against what we have we should give thanks for all the blessings we do have.

        Acceptance to me is the key. Last year I heard a voice in the night very clearly saying that I was going to be very ill, but I would not die. Then began a catalogue of events which led to a camera down my throats which found pre cancerous cells which need to be monitored.

        A week after my throat procedure I had a pelvic scan and I was told I was to be referred to a specialist who found thickening of the womb and 4 large polyps . I lost a lot of weight and I did doubt that I would be alright.

        I tried not to doubt but I know it’s hard. I had various procedures and everything came back alright. (Thank you God)

        We can’t decide what will happen to us, that’s out of our hands we can only live in the moment and enjoy our lives as we are meant to.

  3. What a beautiful memory! Thank you so much for sharing, and welcoming us into such a difficult time in your life and your family’s life. I can not even imagine going through such a thing as cancer just after delivery of your sweet baby! I Praise the Lord for the Great Things He has done in your life because you are such a testimony for Him! Walking, stumbling, crawling through the ashes, brings us to such thankfulness and joy in the end. What a true, jubilant celebration of your daughter’s sixth birthday! I pray you all have many, many more to share. I love the grin on your daughter’s face. She looks just like a daffodil, such a cheery flower, in her pretty, yellow dress.

    1. Thank-you Deborah. I definitely know God is sovereign. Crawling through ashes of different seasons of pain, I am daily reminded that I am His and He continues to lead me daily for His glory. His love for me will never be limited in those moments. I praise Him for His goodness!

  4. What an inspiring story of God’s faithfulness through the valley of the shadow of death. And what a precious daughter you have! Such joy in those eyes and in that smile. So glad I stopped by here and read this particular post! And thank you very much for stopping by my blog, From the Inside Out, and becoming a follower. I pray that when you’re able to visit, you’ll find the posts meaningful and encouraging.

    1. Thank-you Nancy. God has indeed been faithful and sovereign beyond my human understanding. I look forward to reading more off your blog as I seek to learn from women such as yourself. Thank-you again.🌹

  5. She is so precious, and you are incredibly strong. Don’t ever doubt that! You have faced some really scary challenges and have come out on top. You can do anything!

  6. Happy Birthday gorgeous xx…and happy days that 6 years later your watching your baby grow up xx…I was crying when I read the first few lines…but right now I am smiling….such a blessing , thank you xx

    1. Hugs and thank-you for your kind words. God has been faithful not just in that season but always even in times of pain. I know He is sovereign and continue to pray that I will never doubt that. I have learned the hard way that my precious babies are His and He will always take care of them. He knows what they need more than this mama does.πŸ’ž

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