Poetry/Short Stories

Shattered glass gathered.


She is shattered glass gathered!

An abandoned bouquet watered.

A broken heart healed

An open wound stitched

A crushed soul lifted

A cold body warmed

A smile resurrected

A lonely hand held





By your compassion


Grace and..


One by one

A piece at a time

Each gathered back by you!

By Susan McMillan

29 thoughts on “Shattered glass gathered.

  1. The 1st sentence feels like the abrupt explosion of breaking glass, with each line supporting the gathering and mending. This is a wonderful poem full of poignant imagery.

  2. I have a magnet on my refrigerator that says “God will heal a broken heart if you give Him all the pieces.” I love the way you expressed similar thoughts.

    1. Thank-you Elizabeth. Yes God will heal. I believe that to be absolutely true. No pieces are too shattered for Him to gather. In life, there are so many people that will love us; gathering pieces through their acts of love, kindness and compassion. Even amidst evil or bad, there are so many beautiful people that will give us their hand to hold. Thank-you so much for your wisdom Elizabeth. I am so honored to get to interact with you on here. It’s always a delight reading what you have to say. Thank-you again and again.🌹

    1. I am deeply humbled by your kind words. I absolutely love writing and it even better when kind people see beauty in my pieces. Thank-you again and again 🌻

  3. I love the way poetry can awaken emotions thought to be in slumber as this poem has for me. Another treasure added to my collection of food for the soul.

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