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Creating a home out of our four walls.


Four walls, a roof and any one is good to live in it. Perhaps the older I get the more I realize that just having a structure does not make a place a home. You could even call it a meeting station for the family. And perhaps the busier our lives get, the more truth there is to that statement.

With two babies to raise, I have found myself striving to create a home. Or at least a place they can call home. This may be a rental (our current situation) or could possibly be a house you own. Either way, we want to create a home.

So perhaps we could mention a few things that make a structure into a home and not just a house/building; At least in my point of view.

  1. Love; I believe for a place to be or rather feel like home, we want to feel loved or you could even say welcome in that building called a home.
  2. Safety; There are so many homes that turn into abuse domains. In regard to children, that place will never be a home and I know it would not be a place they would want to remember when they are older.
  3. Peace. I doubt anyone out there would want to reside in a place full of constant unresolved conflict. We all desire to be in harmony in our homes, right? Yes in homes, there may be disagreements but learning to talk and resolve issues behind those walls makes for a home to me.
  4. Gathering to eat. Our babies know by now that we gather for supper every single night; they love helping set the table and to me this place is a home in that moment.
  5. Items that matter to us. We have a few pieces that always turn every single place we have lived into our home instantly. Like our couches that we have owned for all the coming to 9 years we have been married; we have sat on those couches during many seasons in our marriage. Made plans on those couches, shared laughter, hosted guests, cried, our babies have drooled and even peed on there. Yes they are a mess but they carry tons of memories and make any building feel like home.
  6. Being present; Physical presence as well as emotional presence for each other. A home is a place where we ought to feel and be present. We desire to know that our family is right there when we need them. That is a home not just 4 walls.
  7. Inviting to others. Have you ever visited a friend and somehow did not feel comfortable sitting down or perhaps visited another and felt extremely welcome that you would crash on that couch if it were offered?. Home….that feeling of comfort is home to me.
  8. Communication; in every home there must be communication among those that reside there. People can come and go in a house or perhaps building, but in a home, we must talk and be aware of what’s going on in each other’s lives.

All in all, four wall or perhaps a house/building do not make a home. It’s the people that live in it that give it life and make it real enough to be called a home.

17 thoughts on “Creating a home out of our four walls.

  1. Absolutely!! I have two toddlers and we are currently renting. It’s a small space to some, but we have all of those that you listed present in our place– and that makes it a home for us. Love love thanks for sharing!!

    1. Jana so much love my dearest πŸ’ž. As you have described it, your four walls are Indeed a home and do not even doubt that. I have pretty much lived both situations; a house that was a pain chamber ( childhood). And have lived in a house with just the bare necessities and it was a home I enjoyed. Right now we are renting and we absolutely enjoy our four walls. We watch our two children enjoy and we do make meals together. In this not so big place, we feel at home.

  2. My children and I (and their late father) lived in at least eight owned or rented houses and a few hotels sprinkled in there. Anyplace can be a home, as long as you adhere to the basic tenets which you outlined, above. “It’s the people that live in it that give it life and make it real enough to be called a home.” Yes, yes, yes! A million times YES!

    1. Susan, Susan, Susan. I love that we share a beautiful name. And I am absolutely sorry for your late husband. I am sure you are an amazing mother!. So much love my dearest sister πŸ’ž. You are right, the people that live in the four walls are the ones that give it life. And thank you for letting me into your world on here. I cry a lot ( that is a character I carry with me). πŸ’ž

  3. Another great post! We have moved so many times over the years, owning our own home for the past 10 years. And yes, those pieces of furniture that have been through so much, art work displayed, bedding that gives softness and comfort all make that move easier to adjust. But the beloved people within make it home…wherever you are!

    1. We have moved so many times that I believe we have become professional movers πŸ˜‚. Our furniture have seen it all throughout our seasons. Thank you again Deborah πŸ’ž

  4. Nurturing home is so important to me. Creating a safe, peaceful, loving place that our family can gather is gift I want to give to them. ❀ great post, sis! ❀

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