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The day I felt the chill of death…
The day I didn’t know how to pray…
The day I cried my heart out…
The day I grieved for my children..

I longed to be held by him
I longed for a friend’s grip
I longed for a mother’s prayers
I longed for his strength

A parent lost a child
A child lost a parent

We lost our friend
We lost our neighbor
We lost him then her

Devoured our flesh
Nibbled at our hair
Drained our blood
Drained all our strength

We decided to fight
We decided to hold on
We decided to believe
We fell to our knees

Cancer is the reason why! 

By Susan McMillan


10 thoughts on “Cancer!

  1. I simply loved the poem. Cancer: the word itself intimidates. I really pray for those families who have lost their member due this lethal disease. The poem was beautifully composed. And one more thing I’d like is that, after visit hundreds of blogs, I finally got one blog where the form of poetry matches mine. Hence, it made the poem even more interesting for me.

    1. Thank-you Nikesh for you your kind words and for stopping by. I went through cancer 6 years ago myself and since then,more people that I have met along the way have suffered and some even lost battles. Some are still fighting and it hurts me deeply to watch them hurt so much because I know that kind of pain.Thank you again 💞

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