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Soulless beings!

Our forefathers built a nation..

Our forefathers used bare hands…

Our forefathers cultivated the land..

Waiting was part of life

Working was part of living

Their pride was from their sweat

Their joy was from their kindness

They served the nation…

They served others…

They sympathized…

But we; of our generation despise it all..

But we; of our generation like soulless beings have trampled it all..

We; soulless beings!

By Susan McMillan

11 thoughts on “Soulless beings!

  1. YESSS! Exactly!

    Everyone is so quick to scream about their rights but not the responsibility and accountability that comes with them. Regardless of who we are, those who came before us laid a foundation and built a way of life in conditions we will never suffer. But we’re so caught up in self, we can’t be bothered with anything that doesn’t directly affect us…or benefit us. And we’re too self-righteous to even be ashamed.

    You nailed it – soulless beings!

    Much respect!

  2. Well said. While it has become cliche to say that former generations “had it harder” or lived “simpler lives,” I can help but think that we are derailing on a grand scale. Because there are so many directions to choose to follow in life, and that tolerance for all life choices holds sway, we have become aimless wanderers.

    I’m not saying that freedom and tolerance are poor virtues to foster. Not at all. But, somehow, I think, as you mentioned far more succinctly and beautifully, that we have adopted these qualities to the exclusion of wisdom and discipline and meaningful connection with others.

    1. Thank-you Gabe. “We have become aimless wonderers” is absolutely correct. We live daily with no direction, remorse nor gratitude. We destroy that which has been built and also refuse to build on….. Thank-you again my friend ๐Ÿ’ž

  3. Well said – not an entirely comforting thought but at times true. Lets hope our children can build a more harmonious future – Happy Harmony Day (21 Mar) ๐Ÿ™‚

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