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Mama is a ninja!

book-2025419_1920As a stay a home mom, we all must agree that this a 24/7 job. It’s beautiful, hands on and realistically speaking hard! Every part of me is working. I have to think ahead, I have to get things done, I have to talk nonstop and most likely keep repeating myself over and over without getting my point across. Don’t get me wrong, I love my “job” and yes I am trying to complain a bit because again it’s hard.

You are probably thinking, why complain when it’s a choice thing to be a stay at home mom? Well, I wouldn’t be wrong if I said that perhaps you complain about that job you absolutely love every now and then? Yes, there are those days when you have just got to let it out. At least your boss is a grown up that can challenge you in a grown up way…..Not my position. I have to be able to reason with a 5 year old and find just the right words for them to understand my point.

Talk about multitasking; we can do it and guess what, it is automatic. We will do a million things all at once and get them accomplished with no bonus check…Lol.

We have become product gurus to every single item our children go through as we raise them. We learn to read in details what these products are made of just to keep our little ones safe. Studying products for the knowledge…..How sweet.

Guess what, I know every word to almost all of Dr. Seuss books…you know why? Because I have read them to my munchkins over and over and over to a point that they have them memorized into silly songs that are funny to them. To top it all off, now that my little ones are able to read, guess what their favorites are?….yep…..our beloved Dr. Seuss. The bigger picture here is the fact that I am thankful because my munchkins can read and can get lost in Dr. Seuss world. On the other hand whoever, I have to listen to the exact same lines over and over again. I believe only a ninja mama is built with this level of patience.

Automated to jump out bed at any slight movement. I honestly don’t remember the last time I knocked myself out in complete sleep in which I couldn’t feel my kids’ little fingers by my bed. I feel everything. No, in fact I sense anything around me even with my eyes closed.

My point is, Mamas We are it,!!! We are Ninjas and together we raise nations.

The ones I know by heart

24 thoughts on “Mama is a ninja!

      1. Yes! We had a young mother and her military husband camping next to us last night. She has 5, ages 7 to 1 including 3 year old old twin boys. No family lives near, but her mom came when he was deployed and the twins were 3 weeks old. She says she just loves being a mom!!! She was also truly a Ninja momma!!!

  1. Ahhh! I remember when I could recite Dr. Suess with the pages facing my little ones! Now we’re starting on a new season: driving and even dates. How time flies. It’s a tough job for sure, but enjoy the lovely moments of each day!!

    1. This season is beautiful and I am very thankful for it. I know in time we’ll have to step into a season like yours that will surely come with different challenges and a different kind of beauty 🤔. Thank-you for your sweet encouraging words mama. 💞💞

    1. My dearest sis💞. I am a woman full of silly imagination;as in I start my day picturing myself as a ninja who will multitask a gazillion things🤔. Some days it works and some of those I am a total mess. 💞

      1. Absolutely human. The stories of our lives. You, of course, have to fit in more. I have noticed that men are totally terrible at multi-tasking. I just noticed it with my husband. He turns into a puddle of sweat if he has to do more than one thing at a go 😉

  2. I also was a stay at home mom, so I can relate. I could add a few points you haven’t mentioned here but you have enough going on. 🙂

      1. I’m having a crazy week but I’ll try and get back to you on this. Hang in though, when your children become adults that’s when they really realize and appreciate having had a stay at home mom.

  3. When my children were young, I worked outside the home, and had the chance to be a stay-at-home mom. Neither is easy! I think I kept a pair of running shoes in my car for eight years because I never knew what “adventure” I’d fall into with the kids. 😀

  4. Being a stay-at-home mom is a distant memory for me. Having that experience makes me appreciate my very quiet life now, yet we have company at the drop of a hat. Our flexibility is still intact, thanks to years of training.

  5. Funny😅 I stayed at home with mine while they were toddlers, and it is hard work, to be sure. I actually still complain about explaining myself over and over with no one getting the point, and two of mine are adults now. I often feel the same way about my young adults students. I hate to tell you this, but it doesn’t stop…😅

      1. Well, one should never lose hope; I’m still hopeful-20 years later. You’ll always be a mama, and when those responsibilities settle a bit we become grandmamas. My mom says it’s not much different, except you get to send them home. Hang in there, ninja mama❤😉

  6. My children, now adults, were read the Beatrix Potter books and I had Peter Rabbit and others memorized. Now I am reading them to my grandson. But I am not “full time” with him so he has other favourite books. Thank you for this post. It brought back memories and yes it is a hard job but you are doing important work. And doing it well!

    1. Thank-you Anne for your kind words. It’s always encouraging to hear from Mama’s that have been in our shoes. I absolutely love taking care of our babies even though some days are hard and challenging. I am thankful that they have me to nurture them. Having lost my own mother at 3, I daily enjoy experiencing the beauty in a mother/child bond. I would never trade this season of my life for anything else in this world. Thank you again Anne 💞

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