Poetry/Short Stories

Do you remember?


You said I would never be anything, do you remember?

You said my reflection from my small mirror was a million times better, do you remember?

You screamed at me every time I tried to smile, do you remember?

You dragged me by my dress, do you remember?

You let him rip my heart right out, do you remember?

You called me names…

You made me a slave in that house…

You let him undress me to bare bones…

You spit in my face…

I was helpless

I was powerless

I was defenseless

I couldn’t even run

I stayed.

Do you remember?

You asked me to die

You asked me to disappear

Do you remember?

You compared me to a pig

You compared me to a dumpster

I begged you to love me a little..

I begged you to forgive me for nothing..

I begged you to allow me to smile..

I begged you to allow me to be a child..

I begged.

Do you remember?

They took me away..

They loved me…..

You “smiled at me” then

You “played the part” for them

Do you remember?

I remember!

By Susan McMillan

22 thoughts on “Do you remember?

  1. Your writing is so powerful, so full of emotion and your heart. I praise God that he has brought you to where you are now, darling niece. Love you.

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