Poetry/Short Stories

The prey!

13 was the age I became “a woman”..

Uncle said those words…..

Papa said those words…..

Grandpa whispered them too!

At 13 auntie suggested we visit “the” place

The place to prepare me; the prey!

Auntie said I was ready then…

Mama said I was ready too…

Grandma agrees too..

To the market their preying eyes follow me

To the river, their preying eyes follow me

Their eyes… then hands prey on me…….

I have become their prey until I am passed on to the vulture!

By Susan McMillan

For girls that are married off young because of tradition.

14 thoughts on “The prey!

    1. This is real to so many young girls that have no voice to speak out. It’s sad and daily my heart breaks for them. The world ought to know and act against these kind of acts.

    1. Usually fathers think of their daughters as their “cows” because cows are the most commonly way of “paying” off a bride; disguised as bride price. This is in addition to hard cash that is paid. As soon as girls start developing features that adolescents have, the elders notice quickly!. Even though times are slowly changing, the cry still lives on to this day.

    1. Yes it is still going on and society has normalized it. Literally when a little girl is born, family will say it’s “cows or sugar”. All these are some of the dowry items when she is married off. My dad never did the official dowry exchange but a cow and a goat were exchanged. Fathers will ask for 20 heads of cows and more…

  1. This is so powerful and shockingly-illusrtative of oppression and appropriation….our world is in need of souls who rail against such atrocities….thank you for using your gifts to fight the good fight!

    1. Thank-you so much my friend. When I see such oppression, I know I would want someone who could to speak up for me if I were being treated that way.Thank you again 💞

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